8 Best Cycling Routes in Italy

Insider's Guides | Italy | By Kathy Stewart

We’ve been riding through Italy for decades, getting to know its topography through our favourite way of seeing the world: on two wheels. Whether you’re at the top of the boot or in the heel, here are our top picks for the 8 best bike routes in Italy (in no particular order).

1) The Dolomites

Proving Ground of the Greats

The road from Cortina to Ortisei is not for those weak of leg or lung. Two regions, three high Alpine passes (including the legendary Pordoi), and innumerable hairpin turns mark its route amid the jagged spires of Italy’s most striking mountain range. Funny thing is, the sheer exhilaration of the scenery, and the camaraderie of the fellow cyclists who flock here on pilgrimage often brings an energy that makes those switchbacks feel almost—almost—like they’re downhill.

Best Bike Routes In Italy The Dolomites

Route: Cortina to Ortisei
Distance: 65km
Recommended Activity Level: Enthusiast
Best time of year: June-October

2) Sicily – Noto to Portopalo

A seaside journey along the Sicilian coast

Right along the coast of Sicily, this ride (that we enjoy on our Private Sicily Biking trip) is best taken in the morning accompanied by the splendid scent of saltwater and fresh air. Starting from Noto, a beautiful town with 17th and 18th c. architecture, pedal on quiet roads lined with vegetable and fruit plantations. You’ll pass some of the coast’s most beautiful traditional fishing villages, and through scenic Portopalo di Capo Passero and the lovely Isola delle Correnti (Isle of Currents). Don’t say no to a dip in the ocean after grabbing the freshest catch of the day for lunch!

Best Bike Routes In Italy Siciliy

Route: From Noto to Marzamemi, Marzamemi to Portopalo
Distance: 32km
Recommended Rider Level: Enthusiast
Best times to ride: Spring or fall (avoid July and August)

3) The Veneto

From Verona to Lake Garda

This ride takes you from fair Verona, the home of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Bike a flat path along the lazy Adige River as you wind your way to the vineyards of Custoza, which lend its name to the crisp white wine that is produced here. Onward, the road descends gradually to Valeggio sul Mincio, a well-preserved medieval borgo with an ancient bridge.

Best Bike Routes In Italy Veneto
PC: Bikelist

Route: Verona to Custoza; Custoza to Valeggio sul Mincio
Distance: 48km
Recommended Rider Level: Occasional
Best times to ride: June-September

4) Tuscany – Asciano to Arbia

A lunar experience under the Tuscan sun

The magic of Tuscany weaves together rolling hills, medieval towns and meandering roads for an idyllic ride. (Yes, those iconic cypress trees, too.) But you’ll also be astounded at the lunarlike clay landscape, the hilly crete (pronounced cray-tay), leading northwest from Asciano to Siena. We have been riding this otherworldly route on our Tuscany Biking trip for years. It is not to be missed.

Route: Asciano to Arbia along the 438
Distance: 20km
Recommended Rider Level: Enthusiast
Best times to ride: May-October

5) Otranto to Leuca

A seaside ride to the tip of the heel

Gear up to pedal from the seaside town of Otranto right to the very heel of Italy’s boot, Leuca. Cycling among the jewel-toned Mediterranean coast, take pride in knowing you’ve traversed the easternmost edge of Western Europe.

Route: Otranto to Leuca
Distance: 52km
Recommended Rider Level: Enthusiast
Best times to ride: May-October

6) Puglia

Trulli time…uncover the mystery

The most distinctive and mysterious feature of Puglia are the trulli—conical-roofed stone houses, found in many parts of the Mediterranean. Beginning in the Val d’Itria, ride into Alberobello, the UNESCO-minted “city of trulli” to explore these idiosyncratic structures. This spectacular ride features some rolling hills along the way, followed by an incredible downhill to the sea. Experience it for yourself on our Puglia Biking trip.

Puglia Bike Riding Through Trulli

Route: Val d’Itria to Alberobello, Alberobello to Savelletri
Distance: 56km
Recommended Rider Level: Recreational
Best times to ride: June-September

7) Prosecco

Ride the Giro d’Italia

In the land of sparkling wine, find your bliss biking some of the routes used in the Giro d’Italia, the annual bicycle race primarily held in Italy. You’ll pass through small towns along the way: Vittorio Veneto, San Pietro di Feletto, and Refrontolo. Stop by the Molinetto della Croda, an ancient watermill built in the 17th c. for a photo stop, and continue biking on to Rolle, where a bit of bubbly may revive your spirits at the end of the day.

Giro D'Italia

Route: Follina to Conegliano; through Vittorio Veneto, San Pietro di Feletto and Refrontolo; all the way to Rolle
Distance: 57km
Recommended Rider Level: Recreational
Best times to ride: June-September

8) Piemonte – Alba to Costigliole d’Asti

Hazelnut heaven

Hazelnut groves abound in this region of Italy, which cleverly invented Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Nutella (a.k.a. gianduia). From the town of Alba, ride by mountain peaks in the distance, then cruise in a winding descent towards Neive and Barbaresco, the vine-rich villages of the Barbaresco wine appellation. Perhaps that red wine will improve your legs as you pedal onwards on a quiet (but no less spectacular) route to Costigliole d’Asti.

Route: Alba to Neive and Barbaresco; end in Costigliole d’Asti
Distance: 65km
Recommended Rider Level: Enthusiast
Best times to ride: June-September

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