Here at B&R headquarters, there are a few things we pride ourselves on: we never fill our own glass before another’s, we cut a mean rug on the dancefloor (and occasionally the table, or the top of the B&R van), and as proud as we are of our past, we’re constantly looking to the future.

So we’re thrilled to share our 2018 Trip Portfolio with you. Whether you want to cruise the Rhine River (both onshore and aboard), traverse India’s rural landscapes or mountain bike the peaks of Cape Town, our 2018 lineup offers a flavour of adventure for every palate.

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Georgia Places on the Verge


Georgia is a wealth of unexpected beauty—a place renowned for its ancient wine culture (the rumoured birthplace of wine, in fact!), fantastic mountain scenery and incredibly friendly and welcoming people. We’re here to explore every inch, from the alpine giants of the Caucasus Mountains to the shores of the Black Sea. Come prepared for superb food, intriguing culture and unbeatable hospitality.

Dolomites Walking


On this trip, you explore two gorgeous corners of the incredible Dolomites mountain region: the Alpe di Siusi and the Alta Badia. Experience the remarkable people, amazing hikes, fabulous hotels and all the spa-time one deserves after a day of invigorating walking in the mountains.

Quebec Family Adventure


From history-rich Québec City and rural Charlevoix to spectacular Baie-Saint-Paul, we’ll sample Canada’s most European of provinces through its food, culture, sparkling lakes and charming city streets. We manage to squeeze in some kayaking and even a fencing lesson along the way, too!

Japan E-Biking


Explore the spectacular coastlines, sleepy fishing villages and gorgeous ryokans of ancient Japan by e-bike. We’ve sought out some of the most picturesque rides on offer—epic climbs and all—made effortless with your faithful e-bike in tow (meaning you can go the extra mile!).

China Active Expedition


See the China that exists outside of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Relax on the Li River; ride scenic roads through bamboo forests; explore the stunning Yellow Mountains; and luxuriate in West Lake, a haven where poets and painters have found inspiration for centuries. Here, we truly are slowing down to see the tranquil side of China.

Patagonia Expedition


Explore the Patagonia wilds even further on this gorgeous 10-day journey from Argentina’s Glaciares National Park to Chile’s UNESCO-recognized Torres del Paine. You’ll get up close and personal with soaring granite peaks, then complete your trip with a stay at Torres del Paine’s incredible secluded Explora Lodge—paradise.

India Walking


From the bustling streets of New Delhi to the rural lands of Rajasthan, this journey abounds with authentic experiences and some of India’s most spectacular accommodation. Go behind the scenes on a private tour of Mehrangarh Fort and immerse yourself in the culture of this remarkable land. This is B&R’s India.

Rhine River Cruise Biking


Discover the famed Rhine River from the splendid S.S. Antoinette, exploring the terraced vineyards and stately cities of Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Travelling by both ship and bicycle, it’s the ideal combination of class, comfort and intimate experience.

South Africa Biking


See the best South Africa has to offer: from the tops of Table Mountain to the dunes of Walker Bay. The unforgettable trails, fabulous food and wine and luxury accommodation truly capture the essence of South Africa, making for an unbeatable trip.

Basque Country Walking


Get to know one of Europe’s oldest civilizations on this walking journey spanning both French and Spanish Basque Country. Whether it’s the breathtaking scenery, the surreal architecture, the exceptional cuisine, or the incredibly hospitable people, the charm of Basque Country is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Berlin to Prague Biking


Journey from the pulsating energy of Berlin to the stunning countryside of Swiss Saxony, and the Elbe and Vltava River Valleys. Combine that with urban explorations, wrap it in unparalleled B&R hospitality and you’ll experience a journey that peeks behind the Iron Curtain and covers the ages.

Holland Walking


Stroll the legendary land of tulips and windmills as we navigate the landscapes and traditions of the Netherlands. Then, delve deep into the gastronomical wonders: oysters and shellfish, traditional savoury pannekoeken (pancakes!) and even two Michelin two-starred meals. The journey is quite simply a masterpiece.

Romania Biking


Find yourself on country roads far from the tourist routes as you discover the traditional villages, historic landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage fortified churches and preserved castles of Southeastern Transylvania. Medieval villages, Sibiu and Sighisoara, are sure to be a highlight!

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