Top 10 Mountain Ranges to Explore

Must Sees | Around The World | By Butterfield & Robinson

Mountains have been fascinating people for centuries. These awe-inspiring peaks encourage you to develop a deep connection with both nature and self, allowing for a spiritual escape from everyday life—something we all crave when we travel, now more than ever.

If you’ve been daydreaming of unplugging from your daily grind and reconnecting with the natural wonders of the world, these are some of our favourite mountain destinations where you can do just that.

Hike the Dolomite Mountains

Regarded as the most attractive mountain landscape in the world, the Dolomite Mountains are a sight to see. They divide the Venetian plain from Austria to the north, serving up incredible views and ever-changing landscapes. These stunning mountain peaks have been drawing foreign mountaineers (of every skill level) for centuries to explore its trails.

Yet even with such remarkable mountain ranges and breathtaking views, they remain one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. Want to become one of the few who experience this extraordinary place? Try our Dolomites Walking trip and for epic hikes, homecooked meals in mountaintop huts and exquisite hotels.

Spin through the Swiss Alps

The mere mention of Switzerland evokes imagery of snow-capped mountains, green pastoral hills and charming villages. You must experience the magic of Switzerland first hand with its famous cheese and chocolate, yodelling mountaineers, lakes and of course jaw-dropping mountaintops.

Travellers have been hiking the mountains for years, but we recommend our award-winning Switzerland E-Biking trip, where electric-assist bikes allow you to glide effortlessly over the mountain and glacial vistas.

Scale the Sacred Valley in Peru

Photographs do not do Peru justice—you have to go there yourself to take in the magic of its mountains and the Sacred Valley. Exploring the sacred lands of the Inca people is like stepping back in history, breathing in the rarefied air and voyaging through the mountains that provide a glimpse into ancient life.

Join our incredible Peru Walking trip to stroll among the Incan agricultural terraces and salt mines of the Sacred Valley, dine in the home of our local friend and awake atop Machu Picchu at the luxurious Sanctuary Lodge.

Deep dive into the wild in Patagonia

In Patagonia, take time to embrace isolation and enjoy a moment at the end of the earth. Hike through glaciers above crystal clear lakes and walk the windswept steppes and mountain peaks surrounded by some of the planet’s most incredible landscapes.

This remote region has some of the world’s most extraordinary vistas and is seen by precious few. However, at B&R we know our way around a glacier and will show you all the best places to hike on our new Chilean Patagonia Active trip.

Explore Canada’s Rocky Mountains in sun or snow

Larger than life mountains and wild beauty, the Rockies are the stunning backbone of Canada, rising from the land and towering overhead. There are so many adventures to take part in while you are here. Bike riverside trails, hike waterfalls, swim in glacier-fed waters and more on our Rocky Mountains Family trip. Spend your days searching for wildlife and taking in the majesty of the mountains. The Rockies will leave you feeling speechless.

Trace the Tour de France in the French Alps

The peaks and passes of the gorgeous French Alps have been challenging people for centuries. With veering roads over steep grades, you can truly appreciate what it takes to ride in the Tour de France in the French Alps on a bespoke bike trip. While the climb itself is a feat to remember, the outstanding views will make for an unforgettable journey. And, of course, no trip to the French Alps would be complete without a trip to the famous crystal-clear Lake Annecy.

Venture into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Morocco provides a variety of landscapes to traverse, from Berber villages to stunning oases. However, the true magic of Morocco lies in wandering the Atlas Mountains. The tranquillity and fresh air of the mountains are an escape from city life. Travel off the beaten path on our Morocco Walking trip where you will hike and dine in style every night.

Experience the Yellow Mountains of China

In modern Beijing there is so much to see and do; ride past hutongs, walk through Tiananmen Square and climb the Great Wall. But delve deeper than China’s bustling cities and you’ll discover magical sites like the Li River, scenic bamboo forests and the stunning. Yellow Mountains. On a bespoke trip to China, take time to appreciate the tranquil side of China while discovering mountain vistas overlooking infinite valleys that seem to stretch out forever.

Trek Mount Etna in Sicily

Centuries of civilizations have left their mark; rich in culture, art, gastronomy and architecture, Sicily has immense opportunities to offer. Along with a rich history, one of the oldest attractions in Sicily is Mount Etna. Found on the coast of Sicily, this active volcano is the highest summit at about 11,000 ft. It is truly a sight to behold, taking in the stark contrast of black lava amongst the evergreen pine forest.

We love a good hike as much as the next person but something we love just as much (if not more) is a spectacular wine tasting at the end of an adventurous day. On our Eastern Sicily Walking trip, we give you the best mix of adventure and wine that Sicily has to offer.

Discover the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia

British Columbia feels untouched by human hands. Hike through ancient groves of giant trees and climb the breathtaking Coastal Mountain range. With an amazing mix of rugged nature and inspiring culture, British Columbia will keep you captivated at every turn.

If you don’t feel like climbing, why not chairlift to the top of the mountain for a scenic hike and views of the surrounding peaks? Feel like biking the Valley Trail, or kayaking to Meares Island, or maybe just walking along endless beaches? All this and more is possible on our British Columbia Wilderness trip where adventure awaits.

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