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When we can drag him down from the mountain or get him off his bike, Trip Designer Rob Grieve can be found planning and guiding trips that immerse travellers in his native New Zealand—which explains the (ridiculously charming) accent. After a travel career spent guiding for B&R and "running around the world ski-coaching and working on super yachts," as he puts it, he specializes in introducing travellers to all the adventure his islands have to offer.

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  • Was guiding for B&R in Christchurch, New Zealand when the earthquake hit in 2011.
  • Dabbles in acting when not designing adventures.
  • Possibly the only bearded New Zealander not to appear in any of the Hobbit movies.
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There have been great moments, and there have been scary moments. I think one that stands out was being caught with my co-guide in the middle of Christhchurch, New Zealand when the huge earthquake hit.

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I don't think I've ever had more fun than I had with Rob in New Zealand. The spectacular scenery. The insider access. The laughs! It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But the best part was the feeling that, even though I was half a world away from where I live, I felt totally at home.

— Jack Batten

From the second I heard Rob's accent on the phone, I knew he'd be the perfect person to introduce us to New Zealand. Fortunately, he didn't disappoint. From the wine to the riding and all of the incredible vistas in between, the trip he designed for us was incredible from start to finish.

— Linda Kelly

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