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Deep Immersion in Exotic Locales

Orsolya discovered her passion for the open road during stints teaching English and travelling through Asia, then promptly returned home to set about a career helping other people become similarly enlightened. Specializing in making some of the world's most exotic regions feel intimate, Orsolya's trips combine immersion and access with the one ingredient she considers absolutely non-negotiable: fun.

Regions of Expertise

  • PERU


  • Afer living in Asia, her favourite dish is Thai street food from Bangkok's food trucks.
  • Describes trying to choose her favourite hotel as "as impossible as choosing my favourite child!"
  • Her name gets butchered a lot, but she'll usually respond to "Ursula."
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When we were kids, my parents would pack us in the family van and we would drive around the U.S. and Canada all summer, never staying put for more than a few days in one place. That definitely planted the seed.

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Our trip to Japan was absolutely incredible—what a bucket list trip! Everything from the riding to the sake was perfectly orchestrated and Orsolya took care of every detail. Thank you for a truly unforgettable experience.

- Beth Dignard

The bottom line – we absolutely had a truly exceptional trip in Iceland! The country itself is amazing, the people are wonderful, all our activities were spectacular, the weather was very cooperative and, best of all, our guide was tremendous. We can’t say enough about him and the whole experience. And thanks to you, of course, for working with us to set up a perfect itinerary. Everything was great!

- Ken Finkelstein

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