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Marianne grew up in British Columbia, exploring her home province—summers were spent picking fruit, hiking, kayaking and biking, while winters were devoted to skiing. At the age of 17, she struck out on her own across Europe, eventually being turned back at the Iranian border—minutes before the Revolution. Since then, Marianne has spent the better part of her career as a chef working in the wilderness of BC and the Yukon, and now, as a trip planner, based on her travels in the wilds, can share her insight into the best-kept wilderness secrets of BC and beyond…

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  • Has explored from the coasts of Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and New Zealand by yacht, sailboat, kayak, even a Haida dugout canoe!
  • All-time favourite trip was dog sledding through the Yukon for a week—nothing but snow, dogs, beautiful landscape and good camaraderie!
  • Once cooked a four-course banquet for 35 on nothing but an open fire grill and Coleman stove (she also makes a mean pavlova!).
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Wilderness is where we become still and are able to reconnect with our sense of wonder. In the ever-increasing staccato pace of our lives, I love watching how guests, dropped into the luxurious stillness of my regions' wild retreats, immediately melt into the rhythm of nature. It's why I do this job—to share that restorative quality of beauty, solitude and stillness.

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Imagine planning a safe, beautiful and fun-filled bike trip for a multi-generational family of 26 travellers with ages ranging from 7 months to 71 years! Thank you to Marianne and B&R for designing a wonderful Gulf Islands trip that worked for everyone with a good mix activities and advance meal-planning to help with children.

- Bonnie Jean Beesley

Planning our ‘Bears & Whales’ trip with Marianne has been a wonderful partnership... just talking with her about it makes us feel like we’re already there! She also sends cool videos of spirit bears to even heighten our excitement. She’s truly a trip planner extraordinaire!

- Ann & Rich Fudge

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