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Slow down to see the World has always been about more than simply experiencing new places; it's about finding new ways to re-engage with yourself in different settings. While all B&R trips aspire to that (lofty) goal, our wellness collection takes it up a notch by thoughtfully pairing exceptional spa properties in regions that have been practicing healthy lifestyles for millenniums. We've crafted these trips with a focus on local knowledge and traditions, challenging physical activity, optional yoga classes (outdoors whenever possible) and an appreciation of slow food concepts.

We still drink wine and let loose—we’re not tyrants—but we prioritize healthier fare and good old fashioned exertion to get the heart rate up so that the mind can settle. It’s an ancient quest, but you can trust we bring new flair to it.

Go Bespoke.
Return Bespeechless.

Activity not a part of your wellness strategy? Whatever your vision is—extended spa visits, getting as far from the nearest cellphone tower as possible, meditation in the mountains—our experts can bring it to life, with all the B&R panache you can imagine.

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Butterfield & Robinson Wellness Experiences

We love downward dog as much as anyone, but there’s more to our wellness experiences than that.

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