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En Route from Prague to Vienna: A Day in the Life

by Lewis Evans

Take a day—any day—on a B&R trip and you’ll experience a day like no other. That’s because wherever you find us exploring the world, you can be sure that our daily adventures offer a unique glimpse of the ...

Lewis Evans

Meet Lewis Evans

Veteran B&R Guide turned Trip Planner Lewis Evans can ask for a coffee in five European languages. And while this often results in him being served a crusty cheese sandwich, he’s terrific at pretending that’s what he ordered.

In Deep: Bordeaux & the Dordogne Valley

In Deep: Bordeaux & the Dordogne Valley

As we’re so often reminded, travelling is an eye-opening encounter wherever you go, but it’s the company you keep along the way that makes for an ever more memorable experience. Fortunately, there's no shortage of great company to help transform your travels on this B&R journey. Herein, a brief character assessment of the experts who help us throughout Bordeaux and the Dordogne Valley. ...


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