Our Equipment

We pride ourselves on having the very best equipment for each activity and locale, maintained by expert staff and custom tweaked just for you. We include everything you could possibly need, from bikes and helmets to walking sticks and water bottles, so you can focus on the experience at hand.

Our Bikes

“A bike, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

We've teamed up with some of the world’s leading bike manufacturers to custom-design a fleet of the very best hybrid touring bikes, e-bikes and road bikes around. On a B&R trip, your bike isn’t an afterthought or an extra; we build it into the price of your trip. And it really is your bike: tailored to your height, weight and riding specifications, it’ll be ready and waiting for you at the start of each day’s ride. It even has your name on it.

The bikes below reflect our largest fleet and can be assumed for all trips in Europe. Outside of the continent, our wheels may vary—if you don't see your region of interest listed below, a B&R Travel Advisor will be happy to send you the bike specs per your desired location.


High Performance | Drop Bar

Custom-designed in partnership with former B&R guide, Tim McDermott, this bike features sporty geometry with an aluminum frame and carbon fork, as well as powerful disc brakes, making it perfect for flats and hills alike. With the B&R traveller top of mind, the bike is comfortable, lightweight and equipped with top-end Shimano Ultegra components.

Who is this bike for?

This bike is a great option for intermediate to experienced riders with good cycling and fitness levels. The sporty positioning and drop bars are perfect for the cyclist who prefers to ride fast, climb hills and loves a good challenge. (Connect with your Travel Advisor on recommendations per region.)

Available in: Europe & Japan

Material: Aluminum with carbon fork | Weight: Approx. 20 lbs | Gears: 2 x 11 speed | Components: Shimano Ultegra R8000 | Brakes: Mechanical disc | Handlebars: Drop bars | Tires: 700 x 30mm


The Perfect Touring Bike | Flat Bar

Custom-designed in partnership with former B&R guide, Tim McDermott, the hybrid bike tends to be our most popular choice. Built specifically for the B&R traveller, the bike performs like a road bike, but offers the comfort and stability of a hybrid—it features the same Shimano Ultegra R8000 group set and brakes as our road bike but offers more relaxed geometry and flat bars. The adjustable stem allows the handlebars to be raised and lowered for the perfect fit, and the ergonomic grip keeps hands comfortable over a long day of riding.

Who is this bike for?

This bike is a great option for a recreational to intermediate rider with average cycling and fitness levels. The more upright position and flat handlebars are geared toward the traveller who loves to cycle but also wants to see the sights! If you don’t cycle a road bike regularly, we recommend the hybrid. (Connect with your Travel Advisor on recommendations per region.)

Available in: Europe, Japan and SE Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia)

Material: Aluminum with carbon fork | Weight: Approx. 22 lbs | Gears: 2 x 11 speed | Components: Shimano Ultegra R8000 | Brakes: Mechanical disc | Handlebars: Flat bars | Tires: 700 x 32mm


Electric Assistance Whenever it’s Needed

Our e-bikes are regular pedal bikes that provide electric assistance whenever you want it. Designed by French e-bike brand, Moustache Bikes, the new fleet boasts a sporty, road-focused e-bike with skinny tires, a low-step frame and a very efficient e-system. The bike is incredibly light-weight (for an e-bike) and its clever design makes it extremely comfortable to ride.

Who is this bike for?

This is a bike that both novice and professional cyclists can enjoy. Generally, though, it's a great option for a recreational to intermediate rider with average cycling and fitness levels, or someone who may be more interested in seeing the sights than squeezing in a workout. The more relaxed positioning and helpful e-system make for a comfortable and versatile ride, while its sporty tires and lightweight frame make it a great option for any traveller at any skill level. Read more

Note: Unless you are on an e-bike specific Small Group departure, there will be a modest upgrade fee (US$200).

Available in: Europe (Connect with your Travel Advisor for e-bike options outside of Europe)

Model: Dimanche 28.1 Open | Material: Aluminum with carbon fork | Weight: Approx. 38 lbs | Gears: 1 x 10 speed | E-System: Bosch Active Plus | Brakes: Hydraulic disc | Handlebars: Flat bars | Tires: 700 x 32mm

Still unsure about the electric assist bike? Here's what co-founder Martha Butterfield had to say about her experience in Beaune with an e-bike.

“After fifty-odd years of biking with great pleasure I was inspired to try an e-bike. What astonished me most is that the sense of riding a bike, of being in the fresh air with a 360-degree, unimpeded view of the world doesn’t change. In fact, you can see and delight in more of the countryside as there is no need to keep the body and head down. Ever.” – Martha Butterfield

“Walking is the best medicine” – Hippocrates


We provide you with a pair of lightweight aluminum walking poles on all our walking and hiking departures. They feature adjustable wrist straps, ergonomic grips and telescopic height adjustment for the perfect fit.


To carry your personal essentials in the most comfortable and unencumbered fashion, you’ll be given a custom 13L backpack. These nifty bags fold up when they're not holding your items and feature secure lockable zippers. As it's lightweight and versatile you’ll find it essential on trip, and we’re confident you’ll like it enough to take it home with you too—it’s yours to keep.

The right stuff. Pint-sized.

It’s not just the parents that get custom gear. Whether your little ones are pedalling on their own or sleeping in the car seat, we make sure they have all the right stuff—the best in quality and safety.


We use the Burley Piccolo, a cool-looking half-bike with a rear wheel, gears, pedals and handlebars. The front attaches to the rear rack of an adult bike and the adult takes care of the steering. This is a great option for kids who pedal sporadically and can’t necessarily cover the miles on their own. The tandem must be attached to a hybrid-style bike (road bikes are not a safe option).

Maximum weight for a child riding the Burley Piccolo is half of the adult rider’s weight.


We use the Burley Solo, a two-wheeled trailer capable of pulling younger kids. For kids 49-52 in. (122-130 cm) tall.

The weight limit is 60 lbs. (27 kg), but keep in mind that this refers to dead weight (as opposed to the tandem, where a kid can help pedal).


We will order car seats for kids weighing less than 85 lb (38 kg). They come in two styles: a full car seat with 3-point harness for smaller kids and a booster seat for larger kids. You can also bring your own, please just inform a Travel Advisor so your guides are expecting it.


We’ve teamed with RideWithGPS to provide downloadable GPS routes for our Small Group walking and biking trips, as well as most of our private trips. You can download the RideWithGPS app using the links below to get the turn-by-turn routes on your own Apple or Android device, or download the routes directly onto a GPS unit, such as a Garmin.


Bikes on our departures in Europe and Chile include a handlebar-mounted Samsung Galaxy tablet with preloaded route maps via RideWithGPS. So if you don’t have a device, we’ve got you covered. In regions outside of Europe and Chile, talk to your Travel Advisor about a phone mount for your personal device.


Yours to take home, the B&R water bottle is a reusable, biodegradable and BPA-free product. With a gentle-pull nozzle and flexible sides, it's easy to grab and hydrate as you bike or walk. Made in USA.


We offer waterproof handlebar bags which are perfect for packing a camera, an extra layer or sunglasses (5L capacity). They feature a convenient shoulder strap so you can easily take your essentials with you. Made by Ortlieb.


Varying from region to region, our bike helmets are of the highest caliber and offered on every biking trip. We encourage you to wear your helmet whenever you find yourself on your bike!


As an option, we offer a female-specific bike saddle with gel padding and a split-saddle design for optimal comfort. Available in a 162mm width, the model is Selle Royal Viento. (Have a saddle at home that you love? Bring it along and we'll install it on the first day of your trip.)


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