Launching a Social Enterprise in Rwanda During a Global Pandemic

Two Fires Gallery is a small photography gallery nestled in Musanze, Rwanda's gorilla-viewing hub. The gallery is dedicated to providing a physical space for emerging East African photographers and local community members to share their work and tell the stories of Rwanda through photography and digital storytelling workshops. This year's Slow Fund grant is going towards producing a 4-5 day digital storytelling workshop for women affected by gender-based violence in Rwanda. The workshop will be facilitated online by the Story Centre in Berkley and build in-house capacity for the Two Fires Creative Group at the same time. Part of this year's grant will also go towards supporting a Rwandan female photographer's creative journey: producing, printing and exhibiting a story at the Musanze gallery.

Two Fires Gallery acts as a bridge to communicate the stories of local Rwandan artists with visitors respectfully and provides a space for photographers to visually illustrate the social issues in Rwanda. This allows international guests to have an authentic exchange and be truly connected to the people of Rwanda, as not many travellers who visit the country have the opportunity to learn about the deeper issues that Rwanda faces and interact with the local community outside of gorilla trekking.

To learn more about the inception of the gallery, click here.

The Initiatives

Current Project

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How Your Trip Makes a Difference

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