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Galapagos By Sea

Make friends with curious creatures, navigate unspoiled landscapes and rest like royalty in the former yacht of Princess Grace in the Galapagos Islands.

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Germany’s Romantic Road with BMW

Behind the wheel of your new BMW, travel along Germany’s Romanic Road, where storybook castles and picturesque towns delight at every turn.

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Munich to Rome with BMW

Experience the confounding Austrian/Italian blend of Bolzano; the vineyards of the Valpolicella; the artistic majesty of Florence; and the striking hills of the Tuscan countryside.

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Panama Family Adventure

Discover Panama’s vibrant history in Panama City before hiking along Colonial trails, snorkelling in the shores of picture-perfect islands and zip-lining through jungle canopies.

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Panama Active Expedition

Discover Panama’s vibrant history and virgin landscapes. Sample the region’s finest chocolate, make friends with jungle creatures and raft down the Chiriqui River.

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Bulgaria Biking

Immerse yourself in the local culture as you travel across unspoiled terrain, indulge in the region’s cuisine and pedal between misty mountains and ancient ruins frozen in time.

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Umbria Walking

Saunter a tapestry of valleys quilted with olive groves and vineyards, pausing en route to sample fresh-off-the-press ‘liquid gold’, hunt for fragrant truffles and paddle gentle river rapids.

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Nepal Walking

A medley of incense, butter lamps and captivating chants, we’ll experience the truly exotic in Nepal as we trek to ancient pagodas, spot rhinos in Chitwan National Park and luxuriate amid the Himalayas.

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Venice, Florence and Rome Cultural Expedition

Whether you’ve visited Italy before or you keep coming back (we can’t say we blame you), there’s always more magic to uncover in this trifecta of dazzling cities.

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Scotland Biking

Take to back-country roads and mountain passes by bike understanding the historic rural charms of Scotland and the surprising culinary advances. Along the way, rest in lavish castle, farmhouse and lodge accommodation.

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