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Northern Patagonia Active

Discover some of the rawest natural beauty in the world in Northern Patagonia. Paddle pristine lakes and hike to views of the Andes all fueled by the freshest regional cuisine.

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Uruguay Active

Explore the land of dusty colonial towns, rough-and-ready gauchos and colourful, festive plazas.

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Kyushu Biking

Discover lush subtropical landscapes and volcanic vistas in Kyushu. Along the way, vibrant locals share old traditions and mythological stories add to the charm of historic temples.

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Tuscany Gravel Biking

Iconic race trails, epic landscapes, and a top of the line full-aero gravel bike; challenge yourself on this adventure through Tuscany’s famed countryside.

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Super Tuscan

A superlative-inducing trip, you’ll bike, walk and stretch your way through the stunning Tuscan countryside staying at the finest hotels and dining al fresco surrounded by lauded vines.

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Ischia & Capri Walking

Explore the Gulf of Naples with an eye to the healthy lifestyles that have defined the area for thousands of years. Hike the stunning coastlines, practice yoga, soak in thermal baths and find nourishment in farm-to-table meals.

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Northern Greece Hiking

Wander through Northern Greece and discover its astonishing wealth of natural attractions and unique blend of histories and cultures.

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Georgia Wine Country Walking

One of the most unexpectedly beautiful countries imaginable, Georgia charms with its hugely varied geography, ranging from the subtropical south to the alpine giants of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

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Canadian Arctic Expedition

A once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Canadian Arctic. Join our friends and esteemed explorers of the North, the Weber Family, on an ultimate adventure at the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge.

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Slovenia & Istria Active

From the Alps to the sea, experience the food, wine, culture and history of Slovenia and Croatia on this north-south journey.

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