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"I make sure travellers plan to spend a day or two exploring the two major cities of these regions: Bucharest and Sofia. They're awash in history and pleasant to wander through, with their large green spaces and elegant neighbourhoods plus an abundance of excellent restaurants to choose from."

—Tom Abraham, Experience Designer

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Romania has witnessed the long march of history through the lens of many a ruler: from Greeks, Romans, Saxons, Turks up to the last vestiges of Communism. Here, you'll see astonishingly well-preserved rural villages that retain their old ways as still-standing castle strongholds and medieval towers bear witness to the ages. Bulgaria likewise has long been a crossroad of cultures—a fusion of Eastern Orthodox tradition, Byzantine art, Ottoman architecture and everpresent Pagan practices. This diversity is found in its landscape, too: a patchwork of farmland, alpine peaks, curious caves and rock formations that skirt the horizon. 

Discover the possibilities:

Biking in Romania & Bulgaria

Explore Melnik by bike, pedalling along the vineyards and farmland. Our path will lead us to a viewpoint overlooking a forest of sandstone pinnacles. Continue to the nearby Rozhen Monastery, with three distinct preserved wings, each from a different century: the 16th, 17th and 18th. After contemplating this spiritual place in the company of one of the monks, return to the hotel for a wine tasting featuring the best Bulgarian wines and dinner created by one of the country’s finest chefs.

Romania & Bulgaria Walking

In Romania, explore Transylvania, surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. These lush and craggy peaks shelter one of the most mysterious and beautiful landscapes in Europe and home to wolves, foxes, wild boar and other denizens of the forest. Over in Bulgaria, hut the trails of Mount Vitosha, the oldest nature park on the Balkan Peninsula, and pass along ice-age stone rivers and beech-pine forests, backdropped by spectacular views over the ancient city of Sofia.

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Ideal trip length: 6 - 9 days

Starting Price: US $1,000 Per Person/Day