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"The beauty of the Alps charms and delights, but I can never be away from the water for too long. The villages of Italy's northern lakes are the perfect fusion between the two, with Belle Epoque villas decorating the water's edge. "

—Edoaurdo Bausani, Experience Designer

gorgeous hotels & unforgettable views


Set near the legendary Lake Como and Lake Maggiore and hugged by a stirring mountain range, the Italian Lakes region has long attracted the world to its shores. Prepare for an active and inspired agenda as you negotiate this extraordinary landscape by foot and private boat. Along the way, enjoy the enchantments of the hotels, indulge in the region’s stellar cuisine and relish in knowing that this is truly one of the world’s most compelling retreats. Below are a few highlights to inspire your bespoke journey.

Discover the possibilities:


Italian Lakes Walking

Explore Lake Maggiore and Como on mule paths through chestnut forests, navigate to manicured gardens hugging majestic villas on your private speedboat, visit charming islands peppered through the crystal clear lake and stroll lakeside promenades through a warren of cobblestone lanes. Each day, meet with some of our favourite locals who proudly share their passions, like excellent Valtellina wines, Lombard gastronomy, local traditions such as glass blowing and breathtaking a cappella singing traditional folk songs, including odes to the local mountains.


Italian Lakes Multi-Active

Two wheels, two feet or two oars? We’ll help choose the best way to get around each day, ensuring the route is jaw-dropping at every turn as you move your way through three neighbouring Italian Lakes. Start off gently under the charm of the under-explored Lake Orta before moving on to the largesse of Lake Maggiore and culminating at one of Italy’s most fashionable addresses; Lake Como. Along the way, revel in the enchantments of the Lugano and Bellagio hotels, indulge in the region's stellar cuisine and relish the surroundings.


Singular Stays: Lakeside & Mountain Villas

Nestled between the Alps and the Swiss border, Lake Como beams elegance and Old World charm abound. Where steep mountains rise from the shores of the shimmering lake scattered with cobblestone picturesque villages combined with an elegant enogastronomic scene, it's no surprise George Clooney has chosen Como for his playground. Unpack once in either an exclusive villa or one of the lavish hand-picked hotels where we've been creating friendships for decades, and take part in daily activities like biking, walking, kayaking and cooking classes.


Italian Lakes Culinary Experiences

With fresh daily catch from the lakes' sweet waters and an abundant woodsy hinterland, the gastronomic heritage of the Lakes merits a journey in itself. Hearty ingredients like cured meats, local Alpine goats' cheese, an array of mushrooms and tubers are all washed down with a full-bodied red from nearby Valtellina. In between meals, marvel at the palatial lakeside villas, stroll pretty, little villages, share a glass (or two) with our favourite producer and sauté away in one of our favourite kitchens.

Start the planning process

These highlights are just a sample of what you can do and discover in the Italian Lakes. Mix and match a little bit of everything, perhaps even add on a few nights and private tours in Milan or pair it with another Italian region like the Veneto. Connect with your Experience Designer for the Italian Lakes to start piecing together your perfect trip.

Notes From Your Designer:

Ideal trip length: 5 - 8 DAYS

Activity Level: 3

Starting Price: US $1,000 Per Person/Day

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