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"It is easy to leave a piece of your heart in Croatia. Travelling through Croatia is to be immersed in the beauty and wildness of Croatia's ancient olive groves and vineyards and a culture that asks you to live life a little slower."


Experience the Dalmatian Coast


Travelling through Croatia is a passage to a time when things were simpler and slower. A time when laundry billowed in gentle summer breezes, children played within time-worn walled cities and scampered across polished stone alleyways. From the south coast to the north coast, visit primeval fortresses, pastel-coloured seaside villages and sparkling bays. Feast on freshly caught fish, prsut, home-cured ham, wild olives and garden-plucked juicy tomatoes. Try the seriously good local wines, swim in the crystal clear Adriatic, and chat with the villagers over rich coffee.

Discover the possibilities:


Croatia by Sea

Experience the Dalmatian Coast the only way possible: by sea. Stretched across the Adriatic, Croatia boasts thousands of rugged limestone islands and miles of pebbled coastline. Hop off your small luxury yacht and pedal the quaint countryside, poke around breathtaking fortresses surrounded by coves and sample the island’s tastiest wines in the private home of the winemaker. Explore the red-roofed, stunning Dubrovnik at your own pace. Later: cool your jets in the crystal-clear Adriatic and soak up a sunset from the back deck on fairy-tale Hvar.


Croatia by Bike

Spin through the fragrant lavender landscapes of Hvar. Ride through the hills overlooking the town, amidst the ancient stone walls, white sand beaches, and sprawling vineyards that produce some of Croatia's best wines. Ride along a spectacular ridge with views that stretch to the north and south of the Adriatic. Descend a winding hill to a former Greek colony and sip fresh coffee at any seaside café. Watch the endless parade of boats with the fishers working tirelessly to untangle their nets.


Croatian Food & Wine

Outside of Dubrovnik, the Peljesac Peninsula boasts some of the best wines in Croatia and indeed, the most dramatic vine real estate in the world. With rows and rows of grapes rising straight from the shoreline and up the craggy hillside of the finger-like Peninsula, wineries dot the area and make for the perfect pit stops during your walks. If oysters are your taste, we'll whisk you away to the village of Ston to spend time with a local fisher and learn how they harvest these delicacies. Slurp them fresh from the sea, paired with a crisp white, from one of the neighbouring wineries.


Croatia & Montenegro Multi-Active

Journey through the emerald islands, private beaches and medieval cities of the Dalmatian Archipelago. Through your journey, along the coast, detour to the interior of the Balkan Peninsula - the melting pot of Europe - high in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit the Balkan countryside, explore its fortresses, rocky shorelines and mountains, known for its remarkable flora and fauna

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These highlights are just the beginning of what you can do and discover in Croatia. Discover more of the Balkan region and add a pre or post-trip adventure in Montenegro or Slovenia. Connect with your Experience Designer for Croatia to start piecing together your perfect trip.

Notes From Your Designer:

Ideal trip length: 5 - 8 days

Activity Level: 3

Starting Price: US $1,000 Per Person/Day

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