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Sheldon Chalet

Luxury Alaska Chalet

Unparalleled Adventure in Denali National Park

As far as unlikely luxury outposts go, Sheldon Chalet just might take the cake. Resting on a granite nunatak within a jagged amphitheatre on the flanks of North America’s highest mountain, the chalet is a true marvel and an unparalleled experience. The seismically secured hexagonal structure—featuring large picture windows—is the realization of a dream held by three generations of the Sheldon family, and a portal into a world once only accessible to mountaineers. From the observation deck (or from the comfort of your bed) it is possible to catch the utterly ethereal dance of the aurora borealis.

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Who It’s For

For those who want to immerse themselves in one of the world’s most pristine and remote mountain environments but still desire a warm hearth and some fine-food treatment at day’s end.

Luxury Mountain Chalet
Rocky outcropping at 6,000 feet on the only privately-owned land in Denali National Park
Five Guest Rooms (max 10 guests at a time)
Adventure-Seekers, Couples, Nature-Lovers, Photographers
From $2,300 USD

Displayed rate based on double occupancy of Lodge Rooms; rates may vary between low and high seasons


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Marianne Abraham

Absolute Must-Do Waking up to the incredible Alaskan panoramas, straight from the bed! It’s truly unlike anything you've ever seen before.

The beauty of Sheldon Chalet is its pure remoteness. The feeling of being completely alone in the wild is incredible. You literally become part of the landscape.

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How to Get There

It’s a rare treat to find yourself beyond the easy access points to Mount Denali Park. Sheldon Lodge’s secluded setting is even rarer for its privately-owned existence, which means getting there is part of the adventure! From Anchorage a two-hour drive brings you to the lovely town of Talkeetna from which you’ll take an hour-long helicopter ride to Don Sheldon Amphitheater, the valley in which your cozy abode resides.

Activities & Amenities:

Whether you’re interested in trekking to the original mountain hut—built by Don Sheldon in the 50’s for backcountry enthusiasts–or taking to the skies to fully understand the work of cartographers of the same time, you’ll find no shortage of activities to keep you busy. Though, it’s worth stating, sometimes contemplating un-wavering mountain views (in top-notch comfort) is gift enough.

Lodge Features:

  • Scenic roundtrip helicopter to Sheldon
  • Champagne & seafood welcome reception
  • Stunning room views and luxury bedding
  • Alaskan gourmet meals incl. house beer and wine
  • Use of adventure gear
  • Certified adventure guides
  • Historic Sheldon Mountain House tour
  • Flight-see of Ruth Glacier, Great Gorge, Moose’s Tooth
  • Flight see of Mt. Huntington and Denali Base Camp
  • Aurora viewing
  • Star and meteor shower gazing
  • Sauna
  • Local and natural history lessons
  • Nunatak exploration
  • Amphitheater and Great Gorge glacier treks
  • Snow Cave or igloo construction
  • Sledding, rappelling & crevasse exploration


At 6,000 feet the everyday amenities we take for granted should become a little harder to secure, but Sheldon Chalet defies expectations in most realms—maximizing guests’ comfort is no different.  The interior is easily contemporary and intimate: at any given time, the maximum number of guests is ten, spread between the five identical rooms. Uniting the Chalet is an impressive Finnish fireplace that draws everyone to the living room, affectionately referred to as “the commons.”

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