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Azores Multi-Active

Descend upon the Azores, an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean. With a multitude of ways to explore, you’ll discover dramatic crater lakes, lush valleys and a few hot springs.

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Turquoise Coast Walking & Wellness

Cruise along Turkey’s turquoise coastline onboard your trusty luxury gulet. Balance both health and exploration, engaging with fascinating people and traditions that have survived for millenniums.

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Northern Greece Hiking

Wander through Northern Greece and discover its astonishing wealth of natural attractions and unique blend of histories and cultures.

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Georgia Wine Country Walking

One of the most unexpectedly beautiful countries imaginable, Georgia charms with its hugely varied geography, ranging from the subtropical south to the alpine giants of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

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Greek Islands Multi-Active

Experience the unfolding of history at the Acropolis, wander the Bronze Age ruins of Europe’s oldest city and set sail along the shores of Santorini.

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Slovenia & Istria Multi-Active

From the Alps to the sea, experience the food, wine, culture and history of Slovenia and Croatia on this north-south journey.

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Croatia & Montenegro Multi-Active

Discover the Balkan countryside, fortresses, shorelines and mountains and enjoy feasts of fresh prsut, olives and home­cured ham.

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Dalmatian Coast Multi-Active

Explore Dalmatia’s dramatic islands as we cycle along spectacular coastal roads and ease into port towns where our private, well-appointed yacht awaits our arrival.

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Dalmatian Coast & Istria Biking

Aboard our private yacht-cum-floating hotel, discover the rolling island roads, hushed inlets and white sand beaches of the northern stretch Croatia’s lavish coast between Split and Rovinj.

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Vienna to Zagreb Biking

Pedal past snow-capped peaks, turquoise-coloured lakes and vineyard-covered valleys as we make our way through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

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