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Normandy & Brittany Bespoke

Normandy and Brittany are filled with history, seafood and countless activities. Make your way to Northern France and experience it first hand. Bon voyage!

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Seine River Cruise Biking

Explore the Seine River from Paris to Honfleur, taking in the local culture, cuisine and beautiful bike routes along this historic trade route.

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Annik Boulva

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Normandy & Brittany Family Adventure

Combine the history of Normandy with the magic of Mont Saint-Michel in Brittany in a once-in-a-lifetime family adventure.

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Normandy & Brittany Biking

From the Channel coast’s beaches to the B&R-exclusive Villa Lara in Bayeux, commune with history—including a backstage pass to Mont Saint-Michel.

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Normandy Biking

Experience Normandy’s vibrant seafront towns, soaring abbeys and exceptional biking on quiet coastal roads.

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Normandy & Brittany Biking

Explore the pages of a history book first hand, with wind in your hair and the ocean at your side as you venture from Normandy to Brittany.

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