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New Zealand Great Adventure

Journey from Christchurch through the pristine Southern Alps by plane, train, and your own two feet. Complete your South Island itinerary in Queenstown, the ‘adventure capital’.

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New Zealand Biking

From resurgent Christchurch to the stunning Southern Alps, take in the South Island’s breathtaking panoramas and Queenstown’s energetic charms.

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New Zealand Walking Journey

Venture into the South Island, exploring the cultural town of Wellington, enjoying hikes along the coast and discovering amazing Queenstown.

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New Zealand Family Adventure

Explore New Zealand’s breathtaking South Island with your family on this two‐wheeled adventure from Christchurch to Queenstown.

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New Zealand Bespoke

Take in the stunning scenery, journey along turquoise canals, admire the beautiful Maori culture, or indulge in the award-winning wines of this remarkable country.

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