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India Bespoke

Explore the extraordinary richness of India’s diversity: from the vibrant sounds and smells of New Delhi to dramatic rural beauty speckled with opulent palaces.

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Indus Valley Walking Expedition

Witness the grand peaks of the Himalayas as you trek between cozy traditional Shakti houses, gaining a rare glimpse into the Ladakhi peoples’ way of life.

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India Walking Expedition

Trek between villages at India’s northernmost point, staying in traditional Shakti houses that offer a rare glimpse of the Ladakhi peoples’ traditional way of life.

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Karen MacRae

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South India Adventure

Discover the grand temples of Madurai, the warm hospitality South India is so famous for and the soothing influences of Kerala.

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India Spiritual Walking Journey

Visit the spiritual hub of Varanasi, take part in private Hindu ritual along the Ganges River and and catch a sunset at the Taj Mahal.

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South India Walking

Experience the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey, the grand temples of Mysore, watch classical Indian dance in Cochin and dine on freshly caught fish along the coastal beaches of Goa.

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Rajasthan Walking

Immerse yourself in the omnipresent colours and smells, maneuver an elephant traffic jam and explore the opulent palaces and forts where we will be staying.

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Chennai to Mumbai Adventure

On your journey, you’ll experience the grand temples of Madurai, the warm hospitality South India is so famous for, and the Islamic influences in Hyderabad and Chennai.

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