Adventure Awaits in
(and Around) The Balkans

Set a course for coastal roads less travelled, sparkling turquoise waters, and islands and inlets few have explored. From spectacular beach-side riding in Croatia to rugged mountain hikes in Montenegro and mouthwatering seafood plucked straight from the Adriatic in Greece (often with your own private yacht as a home base) we have you covered.

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Slovenia & Istria Multi-Active

From the Alps of Slovenia to the coast of Croatia and a quick dip into Italy in between, this north-­south journey immerses you in the region’s excellent biking and walking terrain, love of locally sourced food and appreciation for well­-crafted wine. Local hosts and family-run properties give us a behind-the-curtain look at the culture, customs and history that shaped this region, while visits to vineyards, home-prepared meals and cobalt-blue lakes electrify our senses.

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Dalmatian Coast Multi-Active

The Dalmatian Coast is meant to be experienced by sea. While others hop from hotel to hotel, we unpack once—aboard the region’s top luxury yacht, no less. With only six cabins, the M/Y Dalmatino is the ideal vessel for cruising up to sun-drenched islands, hushed inlets and secluded beaches. Daily off-ship adventures, by bike and foot, see us exploring scenic coastal roads, diving deep into historic towns with local experts and clinking glasses with our wine-making friends.

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Croatia & Montenegro Multi-Active

Over 1,000 islands, islets and reefs protect the mainland of Croatia and Montenegro, providing an idyllic setting for exploration, relaxation and adventure—from tiny villages in secluded coves to the Adriatic towns of Hvar, Korcula and Split. Let us introduce you to the secret life of Dalmatia: A life of sun, song, private beaches, quiet bike rides and walks and superb wine and cuisine.

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Dalmatian Coast & Istria Biking

On the Dalmatian Coast and Istrian Peninsula, the road less travelled entails rolling island roads, hushed inlets and secluded beaches. Meet local artisans producing small-batch olive oil and wine from the local grape, savour fresh fish like you never knew possible and cool off with dips in the Adriatic. With our glorious private yacht as a floating hotel, we ride spectacular coastal roads, unpacking only once while others hop between hotels.

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Vienna to Zagreb Biking

Austria, Slovenia and Croatia are a nature lover’s delight. Snow-capped peaks, sparkling blue lakes, dense forest and vineyard-covered valleys come together (with a healthy spattering of designated bike trails) to leave outdoor enthusiasts spoiled for choice. Though these three countries are far from their bind in the Austro-Hungarian empire, what they do continue to share is a love of locally sourced food, stunning and varied landscapes and an appreciation for well-crafted wine.

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Greek Islands Multi-Active

Experience all Crete has to offer as we wander from bay to bay and between archaeological sites before a high-speed ferry whisks us away in style to Santorini. Here, we walk along the island’s rugged outcroppings, take in the crashing sea below, and let an epic sunset put another day of adventure to rest.

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Northern Greece Walking

With its astonishing wealth of natural attractions and a unique blend of histories and cultures, Northern Greece is arguably the country’s most fascinating region, yet one that remains relatively undiscovered. Its major centre, Thessaloniki, offers exceptional gastronomic opportunities, nightlife and shopping, while the smaller towns and cities deliver a blend of traditional architecture, historical sites and welcoming local characters. Indeed, getting off the beaten track in Greece’s Balkan north brings many unexpected rewards for the curious traveller.

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Turkey Multi-Active Private

Turkey’s turbulent and fascinating history unfolded through a succession of powerful empires. As each gained the upper hand, the country’s cultural and artistic heritage grew. Today, its rich past provides the bedrock for the country’s dynamic and contemporary focus. Turkey has it all: a stunning coastline of over 5,000 miles, breath-taking natural wonders and more Greek ruins than Greece; more Roman ruins than Italy!

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