Top Three Wine-Focused Trips to do in South America

The rolling vineyards of South America have left an undeniable mark on the global wine scene. With a winemaking heritage spanning centuries and some of the most impressive estate designs on the planet, it’s no wonder so many vineyards across Chile, Uruguay and Argentina have earned a top spot on the World’s Best Vineyards list, with six vineyards in the top 10.

Our wine-focused trips will immerse travellers in the beauty and history behind each bottle, offering an inside look at the grape growing process, incredible bike rides and exclusive wine tastings.

Sip and sample your way through the world’s best vineyards with our top three wine-focused trips to do in South America.

Chile Wine Country Biking

VIK Chile

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Combining a world-class winery with dreamy architecture that seamlessly hugs the landscape, it’s easy to see why VIK Chile is one of our favourite stops on our Chile Wine Country Biking trip. Just a two-hour drive from Santiago, it's impossible to miss the property’s bronze-titanium roof rising high amidst vineyards, offering a striking contrast against the majestic Andes mountains.

The Frank Gehry-designed hotel not only provides a touch of surrealism to the vineyards but has also been designed to minimize its impact on the landscape. The unique charm extends to each of its 22 suites, which have been imagined by an individual artist. Whether stepping into an azulejos-themed suite or a French-inspired suite reminiscent of the 15th century, it’s a delightful surprise to discover the theme that awaits in your room. 

The region’s wine-growing geography is similar to California, enjoying the moderating effects of the Pacific Ocean, so expect fruit-forward, bold reds and aromatic whites. After sampling premium wines and exploring the estate’s vineyards by bike, on foot or on horseback, travellers can unwind at the on-site Wine Spa, which uses products like grapeseed oil, grape skins, and of course, wine to help relax and rejuvenate.

Viña Montes

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Founded in 1987 by four passionate entrepreneurs, each steeped in extensive wine expertise, Viña Montes was born out of a shared passion to elevate the quality of Chilean wines. Today, Montes bottles are available in over 100 countries, earning global recognition for their quality and highlighting the potential of Chilean wine production worldwide.

The winery is nestled in Chile's Colchagua Valley and has been designed under feng shui principles and features gravitational technology, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere that influences every stage of the winemaking process.

Chile Wine Country Biking

Viu Manent

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Nestled in Chile's Colchagua Valley, Viu Manent was founded in 1935 by the Catalonian Viu family, who initially immigrated to Chile and opened Bodegas Viu in Santiago de Chile. In 1995, the family-owned winery officially opened its doors and has been a key player in Chile's wine tourism scene ever since. You can sleep among the vines at the winery's on-site accommodations, Vibo Wine Lodge, which we love to include on our Chile Wine Country Biking trip.

Uruguay Multi-Active

Bodega Garzón

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Just a short drive from Jose Ignacio, Bodega Garzón has been a force to be reckoned with in Uruguay's wine scene since its opening in 2016, now celebrated as one of the region's top wineries. 

The estate's surroundings are formed from a unique geology known as the Crystalline Basement, which gave origin to the world’s oldest granite soils. These prime growing conditions, combined with its position near the Uruguayan Atlantic and the hand-harvested methods, all create the exceptional wines the estate is known for. You can sample these wines in the vineyards or paired with local cuisine at their on-site restaurant, which uses traditional open-fire cooking techniques. 

We love visiting Bodega Garzon on our Uruguay Biking trip, where we indulge in lunch amidst the vineyards and take a tour of the modern bodega, deepening our understanding of the region’s winemaking process.

Argentina Bespoke

Catena Zapata

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Argentina seized the spotlight on the World’s Best Vineyards list, with Catena Zapata in Mendoza claiming first place, and it's easy to see why. Established in 1902, the family-run winery boasts a unique pyramid-shaped design inspired by Mayan temples and has gained acclaim for its groundbreaking contributions to redefining Malbec. Sitting at an elevation of nearly 5,000 ft, the estate’s Adrianna Vineyard has earned the title of the Grand Cru of South America. The vineyards are also renowned for producing wines that emphasize single-terroir and high-altitude blends.

Whether you're cycling past Chilean vineyards or sampling local Tannant in Uruguay, these wine-focused trips promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of South American viticulture.

Catena Zapata | VIK Chile