Crafting our E-Bike Fleet: A Partnership with French-Based Moustache E-Bikes

The Slow Road | Around The World | By Geoff Sandquist

Power to the Pedal

We’re proud to present our new e-bike fleet crafted in partnership with Moustache E-bikes. Highly customized and using the most recent e-bike technology, our sleek and sprightly new e-bikes were built just a few kilometres from our Burgundy office and represent an exciting direction toward high-performance e-bike travel.

Until recently, e-bike options were geared toward the commuter and didn’t exactly fit the profile of the B&R traveller. As the demand for e-bikes has grown, however, and as e-mountain biking and e-road bike racing have taken off, there’s been a focus on the electric assist technology in Europe and that’s where we turned our attention when considering our newest fleet.

After scouring a few Euro Bike Trade shows and considering which manufacturer was making the biggest strides in terms of the technology, we settled on a collaboration with Moustache, a French-based company located at the base of the Vogue Mountains, 2.5 hours from our Burgundy office.

Of all the companies we met with Moustache was the only one that was creating the type of bike that fit our needs and were willing to customize for our specific travel set.

To start, this is a bike that both novice and professional cyclist can enjoy. It is a full 10 kilograms lighter than our previous e-bike fleet (yes, that’s how far the technology has advanced in a few years!).

These stylish bikes sport flat handlebars, hybrid geometry, light wheels and a more compact battery which tucks neatly down the centre of the bike, creating the most stable ride possible. Custom work includes ergonomic handlebar grips, quick release seat post (for on-the-go adjustments), and a water bottle holder that is easy to access.

The e-bike experience is almost exactly like the experience of riding a regular hybrid, but with the ability to add as little or as much assistance as you want. You still have to pedal once you’ve selected your level of assistance (there are five including dormant mode) and we’ve opted for a more powerful battery so that—should you need it—you’ll have over 100 km of assisted riding.

Note: the exact kilometres covered will of course vary depending on your level of assistance (turbo—the top level—cannot be sustained for the entire duration of your ride.)

Why use an E-bike on a B&R trip?

With our customized e-bike there’s no compromising on having as active a holiday as you want while getting a little boost when you need it most. The way we see it, they’re designed to flatten the hills and ease the challenge of those all too common ascents that define many of our European itineraries.

Now, there’s no need to stress those mighty hills! You’ll confidently and comfortably scale those lofty heights from southern France to Tuscany to the Dalmatian Coast, and do it all in that classic B&R style that you’ve always loved.

What’s more, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce the world of B&R to any of those friends who have commonly begged off one of our adventures with excuses of fitness or fatigue. What a great way to see the (hillier) world: pedalling a part of Europe that you did not think possible and seeing it in luxurious style as only B&R delivers.

Power to the pedal, indeed!