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In 1966, George Butterfield, Martha Butterfield (née Robinson) and her brother Sidney Robinson took some students to Europe for a bike trip. Their idea was to spend each day biking to places they’d discovered on earlier travels, then go out for a great dinner and a bottle of wine. It must have been one hell of a trip, because today Butterfield & Robinson offers more than 100 exhilarating trips all over the world.


Over the years, we’ve constantly reinvented ourselves—and how we travel. First, we biked Europe. Then we discovered the marvels of great walks. Then we realized there was a big world outside of Europe, and our travellers wanted to explore it, too! First we travelled to New Zealand (long before it was fashionable). By the time the early ’90s rolled around, we were as far as China.

We’ve made many other great discoveries over the decades, far ahead of the pack. Bhutan, Myanmar, the Baltics, Jordan, Colombia… who knew you could travel in comfort and style in these places, and still experience the very essence of where you were?


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