Tom Abraham

A True Explorer

Born and raised in British Columbia, Tom has explored virtually all of the world’s wide-open spaces, from BC to Belize, Baja, Bhutan and beyond. (He's also gone places that don't start with "b", we just happen to love alliteration.) An expert adventurer and citizen of the world, Tom specializes in fully immersing himself and his travellers in whatever corner of the globe they happen to find themselves.

Regions of Expertise

  • UTAH


  • Broke into the travel business by leading rafting and kayaking trips in British Columbia
  • Once (begrudgingly) walked through Venice's St. Mark's square dressed as a Venetian Prince
  • Referred to by colleagues (also somewhat begrudgingly) as "B&R's Indiana Jones"
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One of the best things about working with B&R is that we also work with so many amazing locals, be they guides, experts, vintners, taxi drivers, hoteliers... This is bar-none the ultimate way to get to know a region: make friends, ask questions, listen closely, repeat.

Tom's Trip Collection


There is nothing standard about what Tom does; it is always above and beyond. As a Trip Designer, Tom planned the most magical trip to Nepal for us, made possible because of the volume of his inside knowledge. The trip suited us perfectly. And as a guide, he has the maturity to share a kaleidoscope of views, geography, and historic importance. Layers of knowledge and experience ooze from Tom over the course of a trip, enhancing every minute on the road.

- Jan and Brad, Seattle, WA

We were lucky enough to have Tom as our guide on an amazing visit to Bhutan and did not hesitate to ask him to design a Bespoke five-country trip to southern Africa. His understanding of our needs, deep knowledge of the destinations and passionate commitment to creating a very special experience are truly awesome! And his relationships with local experts on the ground enabled him to create an itinerary that was, quite simply, unique.

- Henry and Jan Keeling

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