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During 10 years spent living and working in Asia, Karen has racked up nearly as many pages in her resumé as she has stamps in her passport. After stints managing a riverboat and a hotel in Myanmar, living and working as a local guide in Thailand, and eventually becoming B&R’s Regional Director for India, she now combines the knowledge she gained during her decade in Asia with a passion that’s followed her back to Toronto, where she designs immersive adventures as one of our expert Trip Designers.

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  • Her first trip to Asia lasted 3 months; her second trip lasted 10 years.
  • "Discovered" by B&R while managing a lodge in Myanmar.
  • Owner of the best hair in the B&R office (sorry, George).
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In 2000 I went to Asia for three months, then returned to Grand Cayman where I was living, resigned from my job there and went straight back. I just felt intensely compelled to return and see as much as I could. I stayed for 10 years.

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I was so impressed with the depth of Karen's knowledge about Bhutan. From our first phone conversation, I could practically picture the mountainside temples and Buddhist monks, and I'm happy to say the trip itself exceeded the vision. It felt like we weren't just visiting the place, but were fully integrated into its unique culture. An absolutely unforgettable experience.

- Clare Gallagher

Everything about our private trip to India was incredible. Karen's deep local knowledge was on full display, from her choice of bike routes (somehow sparsely populated in a country of 1 billion) to her restaurant suggestions. She managed to make one of the biggest countries in the world feel small and intimate.

- Frank Reynolds

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