Courtney Mundy

World Wanderer

A well-travelled B&R veteran with over 100 trips to her credit,
Courtney is our Trip Planner for Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. When it
comes to local immersion, no one can top her. Pennsylvania born,
Courtney lives in Florence full-time (such a hardship,
we know) and is so entrenched there the locals consider her
one of their own. An elementary-school music teacher in her
pre-B&R life, Courtney has led trips in Ireland, Holland, Belize
and New Zealand, but Italy is her first and truest love; she’s
at home wherever the Chianti and olive oil flow freely. Not
surprisingly, Tuscany and Amalfi are her favourite destinations;
the former for its incredible scenery and fantastic food and
wine, the latter for its sleek sophistication, relaxed attitude and
the stunning Pathway of the Gods walk.

Regions of Expertise

  • Tuscany
  • Amalfi Coast


  • Played piano for Salvatore Ferragamo’s wedding at his Tuscany village (yes, that Salvatore Ferragamo!).
  • Left home at age 14 to travel the USA with a drum and bugle corps.
  • Has guided over 100 trips in Italy, Ireland, Belize, Croatia, Holland, New Zealand, and Greece.
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Nothing makes my heart sing like being in Italy. I’ve lived here for 19 years and I’ll never tire of the gorgeous landscapes, the melodically rich and expressive language, and of course the incredible food and wine (my MILs is the best!)

Courtney's Trip Collection


Our guides were unbelievable. I am going to sign up for more B&R trips BUT only if Courtney does them with us!

- Charles Neff

We just got back from our vacation and we simply loved it. B&R's eye for detail is superb. Courtney, you have been a blessing.

- Sam Singh

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