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Having roamed the globe guiding on four continents and in a dozen and a half countries for Butterfield & Robinson, Annalise finally settled down right where she started – Downunder, in the Land of Oz. Annalise now lives in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, designing custom-trips for B&R when she’s not hanging on the beach with her husband, kids and Clancy the dog...

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  • She makes a MEAN Vegemite toast (Hint: The trick is making sure the butter is melted ‘just so’!)
  • Was once proposed to by a Berber guide while leading a B&R trip in Morocco.
  • Teaches kids surf safety at one of Australia’s favourite beaches, Noosa Heads.
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My desire to work for B&R really started when I saw my parents faces after they returned from their first B&R trip in Provence with some Canadian friends. They were just ALIVE with the adventure of it all. I told them right then – “I’m going to work for this company one day!”

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Stephanie and I want to thank you for everything you did to make our trip to Australia seamless and enjoyable. Your guiding hand led us to the kind of places we love and your choices were right on. If we had to do the trip over again, we would change nothing.

- David & Stephanie Abramson

Overall our trip was great, in my mind one of our best! I liked the mix of luxury hotels, easy but off-the-beaten-path exploration, activity, exposure to wildlife and educational touring. Thank you, Annalise!

- Marjorie Swartz & Richard Robinson

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