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To us, slowing down to see the world doesn't mean sitting in a Land Rover with a pair of binoculars—the opposite, actually. B&R safaris are active, immersive and wildly intimate adventures, handcrafted by our team of on-the-ground experts (nobody knows safari quite like them!).

With an eye to conservation and community-driven development, they craft journeys with all the best elements—exclusive luxury lodges, incredible wildlife landscapes, and a horde of local botanists, biologist and ranger friends to explore and break bread with.

Meet our Safari Specialists

Together, Christine and Michele have over three decades of experience guiding and trip designing for B&R. Christine, our resident "what if" dreamer, is constantly on the road with her two young kids, understanding exactly what makes a trip in Africa perfect for every age group. Michele, born and raised in Zimbabwe, loves nothing more than helping others discover this amazing continent beyond the 4x4.

Christine Tucker

"Going on safari in Tanzania means reckoning with some of the earth's most humbling locales—the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, the Selous Game Reserve—the sort of places that remind you of this planet's vastness. Today, it's not that hard to travel to these venues, but to really experience them? That's what B&R does best."

Michele Harvey

"I make it my mission to select partners whose safaris benefit the community as much as the traveller—human and otherwise. Fortunately, the most responsible partners are also the most passionate. In true B&R fashion, we pair that passion with our thirst for adventure to craft experiences you cannot find anywhere else."

Curious? Contact us: we love talking about Africa.

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Our Bespoke Safari journeys blossom beautifully out of your childhood dreams, adult wanderlust, and crazy morning shower ideas. Whatever your vision is—mingling with meerkats, going rhino-spotting with your kids in the dark velvet of night, camping out on a private island under a googol of stars—our experts can bring it to life, with all the B&R panache you can imagine.

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