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On a bike your world opens up around you, the sights, sounds and scents between villages and vineyards become delightful tangibles, no longer simply the stuff of dreams. With us, you always go at your own pace. You don’t feel any pressure to stick with the peloton because, well, there is no peloton. You go as fast or as slowly as the spirit moves you.

We’ve always been partial to the bike. Our story is rooted in the journey a bike inspires; and it’s how we found ourselves moving back in 1966, arriving to luxe hotels by day and tucking into incredible, celebratory meals by night. A lot has changed since then, but the original guiding principle of the bike—as an immersive way to understand a region with minimal impact—still tosses our hair back.

Today, with full van support and the option to select an e-bike in almost all regions we visit, your journey is entirely stress-free. Whether you take it up or down a notch, we've found that the open road will always reward you.

Go Bespoke.
Return Bespeechless.

Want to go the extra mile? Our expert Trip Designers would love to create a custom journey just for you.

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Butterfield & Robinson Biking Experiences

B&R routes are designed to unfold beautifully—whether you prefer to race ahead of the pack or mosey meditatively behind.

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