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See the many charms of this UNESCO World Heritage Site before journeying to the Galápagos Islands—a modern-day Eden with an unmatched abundance of exotic, endemic wildlife. Spot sea lions sharing the beach with marine iguanas, explore archaic volcanic tunnels and—like Darwin before you—cross paths with giant tortoises. This inimitable destination is sure to provide you with memories you’ll treasure endlessly.

Galapagos by Sea

Price per person per night from US$1,000-$1,500

A Multi-Active Adventure

Price per person per night from US$1,000-$1,500

Escape with your Family

Price per person per night from US$1,000-$1,500

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M/V Origin

The 20-guest Galapagos Origin brings the best in design and luxury to the Galapagos Islands. This model vessel houses kayaks and snorkeling gear on board, and a huge sun deck to keep your focus on the sights and wildlife of the Galapagos, while indoors luxury amenities make your visit as comfortable as possible. Featuring large suites with panoramic windows for breathtaking views of the ocean, and spacious interiors throughout the ship, the Origin is elegantly suited for Galapagos cruising.

Pikaia Lodge, Santa Cruz Island

Hidden in a secluded location atop an extinct volcano crater, Pikaia Lodge is a stunning new alternative for exploring the "Last Paradise on Earth" in a truly luxurious and sustainable way. Pikaia Lodge is designed for the eco-adventure traveller seeking intimate contact with the unique natural heritage of the Galápagos. Guests will enjoy active guided land and marine day programs in small groups. View hotel website »

Galapagos Safari Camp, Santa Cruz Island

This eco-luxury tented camp borders the National Park in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island’s "transition zone" and is close to the tortoise reserve. Located on 55 hectares with magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean and the famous Western & Northern islands of Isabela, Santiago, Pinzón, Baltra, Rabida, Guy Fawkes & Daphne. View hotel website »


Our talented team of Trip Designers are the best in the world at what they do—and what they do is turn fantasies into reality. (We thought about changing their title to “Dream Weavers,” but we didn’t want to re-print all those business cards.)

Our trip was amazing. It exceed all expectations, which was not easy as mine were pretty high. The places, accommodations and most importantly, the people, were all wonderful. Thank you for helping organize such a wonderful memory making experience.

—Janice Perlman
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