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One of the best parts of travelling is going to the local market. Artists, farmers and craftspeople band their stalls together to display their products or handmade goods, fostering a sense of connection to the community behind the destination you're visiting.

The B&R Artisan Marketplace aims to give you a similar experience of perusing beautiful, high-quality and locally made items from the comfort of home. Our curated selection showcases the artwork and passion projects of the people who add depth and character to our journeys, many of whom you’ll cross paths with when you travel with us.

Pick up a souvenir you from somewhere you’ve visited before, support the hard work and initiatives of small businesses and independent artists or simply admire and take a virtual shopping trip around the world. Be sure to check back often for new additions! *

Around the World | Paintings by Tatjana Buisson

Tatjana’s original paintings are an expression of her appreciation of mother nature and the beautiful world we live in. The landscapes are inspired by the various places she has guided and explored, including images from her native South Africa and of the countryside in Provence, where she now calls home. Tatjana has always kept her creative juices flowing throughout her careers in advertising, graphic design, illustration and guiding. After years of expressing her art in commercial settings, Tatjana is now creating and selling prints and cards of her own illustrations, while taking on graphic design work in the offseason. You can meet Tatjana on the road with us on trips to France, Switzerland and sometimes Spain.

Around the World | Prints by Hannah Lind

Labelled Ink is the artistic project of Toronto-based B&R staffer, Hannah Lind. Combining her travel photography, family archives and her own designs, Labelled Ink brings beautiful imagery to paper on limited edition CMYK screenprints (four layers of ink hand-printed over each other in cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Check out Hannah's work via her website below.

Cambodia | Artwork from Theam’s Gallery

Cambodian artist Theam Lim puts a modern spin on ancient designs. Theam, who grew up in Southern Cambodia, was nine-years-old when the Khmer Rouge regime fell in 1978, causing his family to flee to France. After graduating from the Fine Art School and Ecole Boulle in Paris, he returned to Cambodia to do his part in rebuilding the country, and express his passion for Khmer culture through his art. Theam doesn’t have a shop set up just yet, but if you remember coming by here during your time in Cambodia and want to enquire about a piece - or simply say hello - feel free to get in touch on his website.

Cambodia | Khmer Crafts from Artisans D’Angkor

Artisans D’Angkor offers vocational training in long-standing Khmer arts and crafts—like stone carving, silk weaving and lacquer plating—in an effort to keep young rural people within their villages and communities. They operate 48 workshops over 12 sites within the province of Siem Reap, employing over 1,100 people. The skill level and meticulous attention to detail in each product never fail to impress when we stop by here on many of our Cambodia journeys.

Canada | Wood Furniture, Quilts & Knit Goods from Fogo Island

The furniture and furnishings of the Woodshop on Fogo Island honour and embody the history of this small island off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The Woodshop’s pieces are the result of an innovative collaborative process between artists and designers from away and skilled rural artisans from Fogo Island. The collection embodies a new kind of a “luxury”: one that values craft and storytelling and delves beyond the surface of beauty to help us meaningfully connect with the objects we choose to share our lives with. The objects of the Woodshop were originally conceived to furnish the Fogo Island Inn, but they so delighted the Inn’s guests that we created The Woodshop on Fogo Island. The Woodshop is a Shorefast social business, meaning that items are priced to net a 15% surplus that is returned to the community via Shorefast’s charitable programs. Please note that all prices are in $CAD.

Chile | Small-batch Wine from Kingston Family Vineyards

We visit Courtney and her family-run estate in the Casablanca Valley on our Chile trips. In the early 1900s, Courtney’s great grandfather left his home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan looking for gold in Chile. While he and her great-grandmother, Caroline, never found their mother lode, they did end up owning a cattle ranch in the western hills of Casablanca, about 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Five generations later, their descendants are showing the same pioneering spirit as they explore new frontiers in Chilean winemaking and organic farming.

Colombia | Wayuu Bags from Hilo Sagrado

Hilo Sagrado has been empowering women since 2013, providing education, sustainable development and the tools female entrepreneurs need to turn their artistic endeavours into a business and escape poverty. Their gorgeous, brightly coloured hand-woven Wayuu bags can take over three weeks to complete, but the care and quality put into each one make them more than worth the wait.

Italy | Valtellina Wine from Enoteca Cava Turacciolo

This enoteca was once a dank, old cellar that owner Norberto Canzani lovingly restored and turned into a cozy spot to taste wines and local products. Previously employed at the restaurant at Villa Serbelloni, Norberto used his exceptional hosting and sommelier skills to create a true wine-lovers experience in the heart of Bellagio. Norberto is truly passionate about passing on his knowledge of the best Italian wines, not necessarily the most well-known. Although he sells wines from all over Italy, we suggest you take advantage of his local knowledge of the nearby vineyards in Lombardy. These are the Valtellina wines, mainly composed of the Nebbiolo grape. We stop by to see Norberto at Cava Turacciolo on our Italian Lakes Walking trip.

Laos | Textiles from Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok, a fabulous textile place we visit on our journeys in Laos, train and employ weavers from local communities. Their sustainable vision aims to help eradicate poverty through fair wages and high-level education. Full-time weavers of Ock Pop Took earn at least three times the minimum national wage, and craft each item using only high-quality, raw materials to ensure an environmentally friendly product. The location is hard to beat, too—we’ve gone here for a visit while watching the sunset over the Mekong River.

*All links direct you to purchase from the supplier’s website. All transactions take place directly with the vendor. Butterfield & Robinson does not handle any payments or shipping of the product. Butterfield & Robinson is not liable for any issues with payment, defect or damage of the product upon arrival. Some countries may be excluded from shipping. As these are all small suppliers, some websites might not be in English but can be translated automatically by Google when opened in Chrome.


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