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One of the best parts of travel is going to the local market. Artists, farmers and craftspeople band their stalls together to display their products or handmade goods, connecting you more intimately with the people of the destination you're visiting.

The B&R Artisan Marketplace aims to give you a similar experience of perusing beautiful, high-quality and locally made items from the comfort of home. Our curated selection showcases the artwork and passion projects of the people who add depth and character to our journeys (you may have even met some of them on the road with us!) or whose community initiatives we want to help support.

Pick up a souvenir from somewhere you’ve been before, support the hard work of small businesses and independent artists or simply admire and take a virtual shopping trip around the world. Be sure to check back often for new additions!*

Around the World | Paintings by B&R Guide, Tatjana Buisson

Tatjana’s original paintings are an expression of her appreciation of mother nature and the beautiful world we live in. The landscapes are inspired by the various places she has guided and explored, including snapshots of her home country, South Africa, and of the countryside in Provence, where she now resides. Tatjana has always kept her creative juices flowing throughout her careers in advertising, graphic design, illustration and guiding. After years of expressing her art in commercial settings, Tatjana is now creating and selling prints and cards of her own illustrations, while taking on graphic design work in the offseason. You can meet Tatjana on the road with us on trips to France, Switzerland and sometimes Spain.

Around the World | Prints by Hannah Lind

Labelled Ink is the artistic project of Toronto-based B&R staffer, Hannah Lind. Combining her travel photography, family archives and her own designs, Labelled Ink brings beautiful imagery to paper on limited edition CMYK screenprints (four layers of ink hand-printed over each other in cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

Cambodia | Artwork from Theam’s Gallery

Cambodian artist Theam Lim puts a modern spin on ancient designs. Theam, who grew up in Southern Cambodia, was nine-years-old when the Khmer Rouge regime fell in 1978, causing his family to flee to France. After graduating from the Fine Art School and Ecole Boulle in Paris, he returned to Cambodia to do his part in rebuilding the country and express his passion for Khmer culture through his art. Theam doesn’t have a shop set up just yet, but if you remember coming by here during your time in Cambodia and want to enquire about a piece—or simply say hello—feel free to get in touch via his website.

Cambodia | Khmer Crafts from Artisans D’Angkor

Artisans D’Angkor offers vocational training in traditional Khmer arts and crafts—like stone carving, silk weaving and lacquer plating—in an effort to keep young rural people within their villages and communities. They operate 48 workshops over 12 sites within the province of Siem Reap, employing over 1,100 people. The skill level and meticulous attention to detail in each product never fail to impress when we stop by here on our trips to Cambodia.

Canada | Wood Furniture, Quilts & Knit Goods from Fogo Island

The furniture and furnishings of the Woodshop on Fogo Island honour and embody the history of this small island off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The Woodshop’s pieces are the result of an innovative collaborative process between artists and designers from all over and skilled rural artisans from Fogo Island. The collection embodies a new kind of a “luxury”: one that values craft and storytelling and delves beyond the surface of beauty to help us meaningfully connect with the objects we choose to share our lives with. The objects of the Woodshop were originally conceived to furnish the Fogo Island Inn, but they so delighted the Inn’s guests that The Woodshop on Fogo Island was born. The Woodshop is a Shorefast social business, meaning that items are priced to net a 15% surplus that is returned to the community via Shorefast’s charitable programs. Please note that all prices are in $CAD.

Chile | Holistic Wine from Viña Vik

Viña Vik began in 2004 with the mission of making some of the world's finest wine. Two years later, after in-depth and science-based research to find the best terroir, they landed upon the Millahue Valley in Chile. The first vines were planted in 2006 and eight years later, in 2014, they opened their estate to the public: a state-of-the-art, highly sustainable and visually stunning architectural work designed by Chilean architect, Smiljan Radic. The estate produces three exceptional red wines and this year, for the first time, a rosé. Shop their wine and take a look at their stunning property where we stay on our Chile Wine Biking Trip.

Chile | Small-batch Wine from Kingston Family Vineyards

We visit Courtney and her family-run estate in the Casablanca Valley on our Chile trips. In the early 1900s, Courtney’s great grandfather left his home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan looking for gold in Chile. While he and her great-grandmother, Caroline, never found their mother lode, they did end up owning a cattle ranch in the western hills of Casablanca, about 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Five generations later, their descendants are showing the same pioneering spirit as they explore new frontiers in Chilean winemaking and organic farming.

Colombia | Wayuu Bags from Hilo Sagrado

Hilo Sagrado has been empowering women from the Wayuu community since 2013, providing education, sustainable development and the tools female entrepreneurs need to turn their artistic endeavours into a business and escape poverty. Their gorgeous, brightly coloured hand-woven bags can take over three weeks to complete, but the care and quality put into each one make them well-worth the wait.

East Africa | Scarves from RefuSHE

RefuSHE’s mission is to protect, educate and empower orphaned, unaccompanied and separated refugee girls and young women to build more resilient futures for themselves and their families. By providing resources for immediate and long-term support, young refugee women become catalysts for creating sustainable change within the local and global communities. Each scarf is hand-dyed using a traditional technique called resist dyeing. The pattern of each scarf is 100% one-of-a-kind and comes with a tag with the name of the artisan, their country of origin and their story.

Italy | Enoteca Piccolomini, Purveyors of Tuscan Wines

Francesco from Enoteca Palazzo Piccolomini has been our go-to wine connoisseur in Tuscany for 30 years. His tailored and high-touch service means that he takes the time to get to know his customer and what they're looking for in a wine before making his recommendations. As one of Siena's premier wine shops, Francesco and his team offer a variety of wine from the region's most prestigious appellations, including Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Super Tuscans and more. They also carry wine from other top Italian appellations like Barbaresco, Barolo, Taurasi and Amarone. The Enoteca works directly with wineries to source their bottles, storing them properly in a 13thC cellar 26 feet underground.

Italy | Furlane Slipper Shoes from Pied à Terre

Furlane slipper shoes embody Italian history, culture and tradition while continuing to be sustainable in the modern world. The idea for this shoe originated in the countryside of Friuli toward the end of the Second World War when it became necessary to repurpose materials into new goods: old bicycle tires became waterproof soles, the canvases of jute sacks from seeds and grains were turned into linings, and rags from old clothes were transformed into uppers. The low cost of these slippers made them affordable to all, unlike the expensive leather footwear that was common at the time. Their popularity spread to Venice where the Gondoliers found their rubber soles perfect for conserving the paint of their gondolas. Groups of Friulian women would come with their wicker baskets to sell their slipper shoes around the city's alleys and squares. Later, the Venice City Council granted a concession to a Friulan to open the first street stall at the foot of the Rialto Bridge. Today, a few yards from that majestic bridge, you can still find the traditional Furlane. There are now new iterations of the shoe, like the "Veneziane" and the "sabot", which is inspired by the 18thC splendour of the Serenissima Republic—hand-sewn and embellished with velvet or silk.

Italy | Cookbook by 3* Chef Norbert Niederkofler

3 Star Michelin Chef (and our dear friend) Norbert Niederkofler has released his first cookbook: Cook the Mountain – The nature around you. Inspired by nature in his home region in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy, his recipes focus on cooking sustainability and seasonally, using locally-sourced ingredients (that he sometimes even forages himself!) Chef Norbert is at the helm of St. Hubertus at the Rosa Alpina, our hotel partner in San Cassiano in the Dolomites region, and exclusively invites our travellers into his award-running kitchen during our trips.

Italy | Valtellina Wine from Enoteca Cava Turacciolo

This enoteca was once a dank, old cellar that owner Norberto Canzani lovingly restored and turned into a cozy spot to taste wines and local products. Previously employed at the restaurant at Villa Serbelloni, Norberto used his exceptional hosting and sommelier skills to create a true wine-lovers experience in the heart of Bellagio. Norberto is truly passionate about passing on his knowledge of the best Italian wines, not necessarily the most well-known. Although he sells wines from all over Italy, we suggest you take advantage of his local knowledge of the nearby vineyards in Lombardy. These are the Valtellina wines, mainly composed of the Nebbiolo grape. We stop by to see Norberto at Cava Turacciolo on our Italian Lakes Walking trip.

Italy | Handmade Bags & Accessories from Nosetta

Named after a hidden neighbourhood its hometown of Como, Nosetta embodies effortless Italian luxury at a fraction of the cost. Everything is crafted by experienced regional artisans, using only local fabrics and vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany. Nosetta's view of fashion focuses on quality, sustainability and brand transparency. And fun fact: Marco Porcellana, the founder of Nosetta, is a former B&R guide!

Japan | Tea & Accessories from d:matcha

D:Matcha has helped to revitalize Japan’s ancient tea tradition by offering high-quality green tea that’s sustainability harvested with no artificial flavours or ingredients. As masters in tea production, they’ve perfected their careful and delicate approach at every step of the process. The team at d:matcha began to cultivate their own tea farms in Wazuka, located south of Kyoto, in 2017. We stop by for a stroll through their plantation with a farmer on our Japan Walking trip before sitting down to lunch among the bushes. You can purchase a variety of tea and the necessary accessories from their shop to enjoy a taste of Japan at home.

Laos | Textiles from Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok, a fabulous textile place we visit on our journeys in Laos, train and employ weavers from local communities. Their sustainable vision aims to eradicate poverty through fair wages and education. Full-time weavers of Ock Pop Tok earn at least three times the minimum national wage and craft each item using only high-quality, raw materials to ensure an environmentally friendly product. The location is pretty hard to beat, too—we’ve headed here on bespoke trips to watch the sunset over the Mekong River.

Morocco | Eco-conscious Sneakers from AMAZ

AMAZ is a slow fashion and ethical brand of handcrafted sneakers that are 100% Moroccan, vegan, eco-conscious and support the education of girls in remote areas in the High Atlas mountains. Every pair of sneakers purchased pays for a day of boarding school for a girl through the AMAZ for Education program, in partnership with the NGO Education for All (an initiative we also support through our B&R Fund). Their eco-conscious sneakers do not contain any animal-derived material, and the packaging is a reusable fabric tote bag rather than a cardboard box or plastic. Their most recent collection of sneakers are made from upcycled woven plastic and videotapes. The shoes are handcrafted by artisans in a small workshop in the suburbs of Casablanca, who are ensured appropriate wage compensation and safe working conditions.

Peru | Awamaki, A Female Artisan Collective

Awamaki empowers rural Andean women to turn their crafting skills into a business by providing training, education and global market access. Shop a beautiful selection of handmade knit and woven accessories that directly support their local community.

South Africa | Handwoven Housewares from Ashanti Designs

Ashanti celebrates traditional African craft through contemporary design styling. As a company, they believe in helping as many people as possible while doing better for the planet. They work with talented artisans who live in remote villages, aiming to strengthen their livelihoods and make a positive ‘Afronomical’ contribution to help future generations succeed. Committed to being eco-conscious, all of the materials used in their products are sustainably and locally sourced—from the bamboo that creates a lampshade frame to the fabric that covers it. Their ethos rests on three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economical. Each Ashanti piece tells a story, combining creativity, culture, conscious living and craft to turn waste (‘nothing’) into interesting aesthetics and interior works of art.

South Africa | African Crafts & Leather Goods from Karoo Collection

The Karoo Collection is the project of Brooke Berlin to make handmade African and African-inspired crafts accessible to the North American market. All profits from purchases made are donated to educational and conservation non-profits in Africa. Karoo Collection is pleased to offer an exclusive 70% off (excluding shipping and credit card fees)on all ostrich leather accessories for B&R travellers. Be sure to reference “B&RAfrica” when you contact Brooke to place your order.

South Africa | Ethical Jewellery from Pichulik

We discovered Pichulik via the Ellerman House, one of our favourite properties in Cape Town, South Africa, that showcases the company's gorgeous pieces of jewelry in their onsite boutique, The Studio. Pichulik puts a modern spin on ancient craft, drawing inspiration from traditional African design and using organic, local and upcycled materials to create statement accessories. Their all-female team, lead by Katherine-Mary Pichulik, believes in empowering women in their community to promote job creation and champion their earning power and sources their materials from women-owned small businesses.

Zambia | Wire Jewellery from Mulberry Mongoose

Mulberry Mongoose creates "beauty from brutality" by transforming poacher's snare wire into jewellery. They donate to anti-snare patrols with every piece of jewellery sold and so far have contributed over $100,000. In addition to transformed snare wire, their designs include old coins, hand-carved wooden beads, seeds and feathers, maximizing their investment back into the African local economy and ensuring each piece of jewellery is unique. Their team of seven local African women and one man make the jewellery next to a well-trodden elephant path in the Zambian bush.

*All links direct you to purchase from the vendor’s website. All transactions take place directly with the vendor. Butterfield & Robinson does not handle any payments or shipping of the product. Butterfield & Robinson is not liable for any issues with payment, defect or damage of the product upon arrival. Some countries may be excluded from shipping. As these are all small vendors, some websites might not be in English but can be translated automatically by Google when opened in Chrome.


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