The 9 Best Luxury Hotels
in Bhutan

Karen MacRae

Bhutan Travel Expert

At Butterfield & Robinson, our hotels aren’t prosaic—they’re pure poetry.

From castles and riads to ryokans and monasteries, we source lodgings that aren’t just places to crash, but one-of-a-kind spots as intimate, authentic and sublime as the rest of your journey—and packed with personal touches from our hotelier friends.

Below we’ve rounded up a few of the best luxury hotels in Bhutan, where you can do so much more than simply rest your head.

But be warned: there may be tears when it’s time to say goodbye!

Amankora Punakha, Punakha

Situated north of the grand Punakha Dzong and across a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu, the Amankora Punakha has eight suites in three rammed-earth buildings, with wood-panelled interiors, traditional wood-burning bukharistoves, and king-sized beds.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Amankora Punakha

The surrounding citrus orchard has views across the nearby rice paddies and up the Punakha Valley.

Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, Gangtey

Nestled in the beautiful Gangtey Valley, this hotel offers sweeping views of the lush Himalayan landscape. Complete with a fireplace and wall to ceiling windows, each guestroom is furnished with earthen tones and warm fabrics to echo the natural surroundings of Bhutanese heritage.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Gangtey Goenpa Lodge

During warmer weather, hot air balloons launch from the lodge and float amongst mountain peaks.

Taj Tashi, Thimphu

The Taj Tashi offers an indescribable experience of both Bhutanese culture and breathtaking beauty. Set in the heart of the Thimphu Valley, elegant, spacious guestrooms offer panoramic views of green mountains, and hand-drawn Bhutanese murals adorn every interior.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Taj Tashi Thimphu

Its location in the capital city also provides an excellent base to explore vibrant local markets, spectacular monasteries, and the traditional fiery cuisine.

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Uma Punakha, Punakha

Uma Punakha is an intimate luxury lodge located at the far western end of the lush Punakha Valley. From its picturesque base overlooking a bend in the Mo Chu river, this hotel is ideally located for exploring this remote Himalayan Kingdom.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Uma Punakha

Delivering breathtaking views from its eight spacious rooms and two villas, Uma provides luxury in the wilderness, alongside its restaurant and Shambhala spa.

Uma Paro, Paro

This exclusive 29-suite operation in the Paro Valley embodies those essential Bhutanese qualities that promote Gross National Happiness.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Uma Paro

Traditional craftsmanship combines with modern amenities, superb cuisine and generous hospitality in a location that not only provides spectacular views but is also within easy access of the famed Tiger’s Nest monastery.

Amankora Bumthang, Balakha Village

Situated next to the palace and temple, the Amankora Bumthang has a location others can only dream of.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Amankora Bumthang Balakha Village

The hotel features comfortable lounges and decks, with cozy chairs and family-style dining tables, an intimate yoga and meditation room and full spa services.

Amankora Paro Lodge, Paro

Located in a quiet setting, encircled by pine forest just below the Tiger’s Nest in the Paro Valley, this lodge serves as a gateway to the pilgrimage hike to Taktsang Monastery.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Amankora Paro Lodge

Built of natural rammed earth construction, the rooms boast bukhari stoves and wood panelled interiors. There are spa services and a steam room, perfect for relaxing after a satisfying day of trekking.

Amankora Thimphu, Thimphu

Aman Kora Thimphu lies just outside of Thimphu secluded by a lush pine forest. The hotel is built along traditional lines, featuring rammed earth walls, bukhari stoves in every room, and wood panelled interiors.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Amankora Thimphu

The combined living/dining room adjoins a large outdoor deck with views onto a nearby stream and wooded hillside. The spa includes three treatment rooms and a steam room.

Druk Trek Deluxe Camp

Prepare for an incredible experience camping in the Himalayas. Your mountain guides here are trained in everything from first aid to altitude sickness and guide hundreds of travellers each year through this exciting experience.

Best Luxury Hotels in Bhutan, Druk Trek Deluxe Camp

Horses are used to carry the luggage and equipment between the camps and your tents are set up by the camp crew.

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