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the Masters

Simon Elliott

Veteran Masters Guide

One of the best times of the year for golf fans is when the first blush of spring arrives in Augusta, Georgia—it’s time to watch the best players in the world vie for the iconic green jacket at the Masters. From my experience guiding this trip, there’s no picture or video that comes even close to demonstrating the beauty of Augusta National Golf Course.

From the moment you walk through the gates, it is immediately apparent that these sacred grounds are unlike any other course you’ve been to in your life. As the blooming dogwood trees and colourful azaleas welcome you, you’ll notice that each blade of grass looks as though it’s been recently manicured, and every hole seems covered in an array of dazzling diamonds as the dew glistens in the morning sun.

Once you reach the heart of the grounds, you’ll have to spend a couple minutes absorbing the special 360-degree view. Walk down famous Magnolia Lane, which provides members with direct access to the course and the iconic Clubhouse. The sight of it, and all the history it contains, is enough to give you the chills.

Nearby, you’ll find a pristine practice green where most players finish their warmups, along with the first and tenth tee boxes, where all the magic begins. At that point, your day is just getting started, and you can prepare for an amazing couple of hours watching golf history being made. Here are my top eight reasons why 2019 is the year to go to the Masters.

Experience The Masters in 2019

Watch Tiger and the world’s best golfers battle for one of golf’s most coveted championships on our Augusta Masters Golf trip, and commune with the greats at the Cathedral in the Pines. Click below to download the full itinerary, or click here to email Trip Designer Jon Lansdell to design a Bespoke trip customized just for you.


Tiger Is Back!

A man who revolutionized the staid world of golf since he burst on the scene in 1996 as a red-shirted rookie to watch, Tiger Woods has overcome injuries and tabloid press to emerge once more as a threat. In November 2018, he won his first tournament in six years. And longtime golf fans are ready for the promise of sweet, sweet redemption this spring in Augusta.  (This could easily be reasons one through seven, but we’re trying not to go overboard). Watching golf is just that much more fun when the Big Cat is playing.

A Stacked Field of Competitors

But golf has gotten much more competitive over the years. In 2019, everyone is going to give Tiger a good run for his money. The last couple years have spoiled golf fans with fifteen to twenty players who legitimately have a chance at winning any given tournament. Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, Justin Thomas, Ricky Fowler, Brooks Koepka, Tommy Fleetwood, Rory McIlroy, or up- and-comer Bryson DeChambeau just to name a few! Who will reign supreme with the green jacket this time around?

Highs and Lows: Mind-Boggling Elevation

Augusta’s famed elevation changes are confounding for anyone tackling those in person, and even the average spectator shuffling from one hole to the next. Television simply doesn’t do justice to the true dimensions of the course—it’s usually one of the first things patrons notice their first time at Augusta.

For instance, it’s been said that some of the holes’ elevation changes are equivalent to the height of Niagara Falls (that’s 53 metres or 175 feet), three giraffes stacked on top of each other, or even taller than the Statue of Liberty (she stands 93 metres or 310 feet).

While everyone knows about the famed sloping and unforgiving greens—seeing truly is believing. And how about driving a ball beyond the precipice of what feels like a mountain on the fairway?

Throwback Prices

Remember a simpler time, when things weren’t so ridiculously priced? Clubhouse prices haven’t changed since 1934. Enjoy the classic pimento cheese sandwich and a beer for $5.50.

Augusta in Bloom: Simply Magical

Adding a lovely dimension to all the excitement on the course, somehow, without fail, the course’s signature pink and white azaleas are always in bloom for Masters week. There are some unconfirmed rumours that the flowers are tinkered with behind the scenes so that they bloom just in time. Regardless of how it’s done, these delicate pink and white blossoms add that extra ‘pop’ to any photo, and make the course that much more magical in person.

Step into Another Era

Another thing that’s fun to do is stepping back into a time before the smartphone. Cell phones and any other technology are strictly banned on the grounds during the Masters tournament. While tough for some, it forces everyone to really appreciate their surroundings and improves the spectator experience for all. Manual updates on the leaderboards never felt this dramatic, and hearing deafening roars from elsewhere on the course adds to the thrill!

Even Better in Person: Amen Corner

Legendary Amen Corner (holes 11 through 13) looks unbelievably more difficult in person. Stand at the exact place where Phil Mickelson hit a 202-yard 6-iron through a four-foot gap between two trees, from the pine straw over Rae’s Creek to give himself a five-foot eagle opportunity on the back nine of Masters Sunday in 2010. Now that’s grace under pressure.

It’s a Game-Changer with B&R

It’s always a dream come true to attend the Masters, if you’re lucky enough to have badges. But it can still be a logistical nightmare. The annoyances of looking for a decent hotel, let alone trying to park, can take quite a lot of sheen off an otherwise once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With B&R, you don’t need to worry about a single thing other than where to plant your chair (Amen Corner? On the green by 18?) and whether to lay up or go for it on one of the challenging holes on the Reynolds Lake Oconee championship courses.

While you are at Augusta, all patrons are treated as equals, with no VIP services or special tents. B&R guides take it upon themselves to find our guests and bring you whatever you want—a beer and a pimento sandwich, perhaps?—so you don’t miss a second of the action.

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