Butterfield & Robinson program showcases individual resorts

Published by Travel Weekly | By Jeri Clausing

Butterfield & Robinson, the luxury adventure tour operator, has launched a collection of properties called Spectacular Stays, that enables travel professionals and travelers to find and book some of the company’s favorite properties individually.

The idea, said Jonathan Lansdell, North American regional director for the company, is to showcase places “that have a sort of synergy with what we do.”

Currently the collection consists of 17 adventure ranches, world-class resorts, luxury safari lodges and camps, and the plan is to add other options, like boats and castles, he said.

The collection is¬†featured on B&R’s website, and it offers a good resource for agents looking for new and unique properties, although Lansdell said agents probably would book the properties directly unless they are looking for help from B&R experts in putting together a multidestination itinerary.

The collection wasn’t created as an alternative to the luxury marketing alliances the properties already belong to, Lansdell said. It’s about showcasing properties B&R loves and offering new, single-destination products.

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