How to Get Your Car Company to Pay for the Best Road Trip of Your Life

Published by | By Nikki Ekstein

European Delivery programs, as they’re called, are the subject of many car enthusiasts’ curiosity and are offered by nearly every high-end automaker on the continent.

Here’s how it works: You order your car from a dealership in the U.S. and then show up at the manufacturer’s doorstep in Europe. (In some cases, the brand will even pay for your flight.) You’ll get handed the keys to your new car and have the opportunity to drive it around for up to five months before leaving it at a designated drop-off point to be shipped to you at your home. Often, by opting for this option, you’ll get a significant discount off the car’s MSRP.

No, it’s not too good to be true.

But for all the buzz that surrounds these programs, few know the inner details of how they work—much less which European Delivery programs offer the best value. BMW is hoping to change that, by offering the most luxurious package to drivers who want to come overseas. This summer, the Munich-based automaker struck a partnership with luxury travel outfit Butterfield & Robinson, ensuring its most loyal customers can cash in on a road trip that’s as much of a wow factor as their car.

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