In Pictures: Our 50th Year Celebration

Our 50th anniversary year—2016—has come to an end (though our pride won’t let us forget it just yet), so we are christening 2017 with a final moment of reflection filled with immense gratitude towards all the travellers who have made our lifespan, or in gentler terms “vintage,” so long and successful.

We’d be remiss, of course, if we didn’t also extend our gratitude to those who trekked out to toast B&R in LA, NY and Toronto in celebration of those 50 well-aged years!

We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

And for those who weren’t able to attend our city specific parties, let us paint a picture of the unifying thread: at the onset of each evening George and Martha Butterfield were dutifully posted at the door, ever the gracious and generous hosts; Norman Howe, our trusty CEO, was his sprightly self in a jaunty blue cycling cap—looking the very image of our internal creed: “guides started this company, built this company, and run this company;” B&R employees mingled congenially among the crowd (they tend to know a thing or two about telling a good story); while intricately crafted appetizers and clink-worthy wine glasses lined up in glorious symmetry. And thus, a celebration was initiated in three cities.

After a few lively speeches, the apex of the evening was always the ceremonial Crémant de Bourgogne saber, executed seamlessly in most cases (a relief, as our traveller pool leans toward a heavy lawyer presence). Though, you’ll have to ask those in LA for more precise details on their saber presentation. As we’ve always insisted at B&R, sometimes you need more than one go to get it right… And while it became clear in New York that there were a few party crashers, we couldn’t blame them, really; we do like to think that B&R parties are legend, after all.

For a more nuanced appreciation of how we celebrated 50 years—take a look at our photo collection.

50th Anniversary


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