A Disappointing Vacation? How to Turn It Around

Published by The Wall Street Journal | By Charlie Wells

Bond with companions about the trip’s flaws and be spontaneous

On some vacations, the moment travelers check in, they wish they could just check out.

After spending months and thousands of dollars to book an idyllic escape from the stresses of working life, many people arrive only to experience a sense of deflation. The weather is bad, the beach is crowded, the service comes with a side of bad attitude—and the feeling of disappointment can easily take over the rest of the trip.

Few vacation planners or frequent travelers would advise disappointed travelers to head home early. An initial sense of disappointment or letdown is natural, they say. According to a 2013 study in the Journal of Travel Research that surveyed over three dozen travelers from the U.S. and the Netherlands, vacationers feel worst at the beginning and the end of their trips, and the best during the middle 60%.

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