11 Adventurous Bike Tours Around the World

Published by The Active Times | By Katie Rosenbrock

A look at some of the most incredible trips that tour the world on two wheels

When you embark on a bike tour, adventure and exercise seamlessly unite to create a truly outstanding way to see the world.

Whether pedaling through the bustling streets of a foreign city or climbing a remote mountain road, the act of propelling yourself forward as you attentively take in your surroundings generates a sense of reward that few other types of travel can offer.

Plus, contrary to what many might believe, bike tours aren’t only meant for in-shape cyclists who spend an unthinkable amount of time logging miles on the road. There are a variety of trips to choose from and they cater to riders of all levels, offering recreational cyclists and even families the chance to see the world’s most magnificent landscapes on two wheels.

There’s truly a tour for every type of adventurer, and from Africa to the islands of the Mediterranean, these are some of the most incredible and adventurous bike tours around the world.

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