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Published by Traveller | By Ute Junker

The Best Adventure Trips for Non-hardcore Travellers

Adventure travel was once for the hard-core. Now it comes with a soft pillow. It used to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Not so long ago, outdoor adventures were only for the seriously fit and hardy: people prepared to trek for a week or more, bunking down in a sleeping bag and washing only when they passed a handy river.

These days, it seems everyone wants a bit of adventure. What’s more, we expect it to come with a healthy helping not just of running water, but also gourmet food and, preferably, a comfortable mattress. Fortunately, tour operators are responding. There is a huge selection of soft adventure holidays available, from cycling trips that include cooking classes and wine tastings, to outback explorations where every safari tent has its own ensuite bathroom.

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