15 Incredible Biking Tours around the World

Published by Fodor’s Travel | By Kathleen Rellihan

Pedal Through Puglia

Escape the crowds of tourists and make your own tracks on a bike tour, the best way to uncover a region at your own pace. We’ve rounded up fifteen breathtaking bike tours around the world that will take you past ancient glaciers, active volcanoes, bustling villages, lava-sand beaches, and more. So grab your helmet—and your sense of adventure—and let’s hit the road.

Forgo following Tuscany’s tourists’ tracks and pedal through Puglia, Italy’s best-kept secret on the sun-kissed southern coast. Cycle past miles of olive groves, ancient whitewashed, cliff-side towns, and dramatic Adriatic Sea views. Enjoy the slower pace of Puglia on country roads and as you step off your bike for seafood and a much-deserved glass of wine.

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