7 Reasons to Fly Privately

Anyone who’s missed a flight, spent hours shuffling through line at customs or been charged through the teeth for baggage fees (which is to say, everyone who’s ever taken an airplane) understands the inherent hassles of flying commercial. While bad airplane food may seem like reason enough to swear off commercial flights, Dan Cohen, B&R’s man on the ground (or in the air, as it were) at our partner XOJET says there are even more reasons to prefer private aviation.

1. Flexibility

Why fly private? Sometimes the most obvious reason is the best one—and the ability to take off when you please is an advantage that’s second to none. Plus, you can not only take off when you want, but land where you want. Flying into a major city? A private flight lets you avoid its biggest hub and opt for the smaller, less-trafficked airport instead.

2. Bring Your Whole Herd…

Pets have long been discriminated against by commercial airlines, much to the chagrin of pet owners everywhere—and don’t even get us started about how the animals feel about it. On a private flight, we treat all of our guests with respect. I doubt you’d want to spend eight hours in a crate, and neither does your dog (or your cat, or your iguana, or your chimpanzee…). Let them sit next to you, stretch their legs a little maybe have a bite to eat and enjoy the experience.

3. …and the Kitchen Sink

OK, maybe not the kitchen sink, but just about everything else. The baggage compartment is all yours, so there’s no need to leave home without the essentials, whether that means your own bikes, your golf clubs or an extra suitcase full of sunscreen (you can never be too careful).

Let’s Fly Away

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4. Customized to Your Taste

For the duration of your private flight, the aircraft is yours. Whether you want to nosh on Nobu or fill the plane with M&Ms (minus the red ones, of course), a private flight means you get what you want, not a shrink-wrapped piece of cardboard passing for a sandwich.

5. Cruise through Customs

In some cities, the journey is only half over once you’ve landed: the next headache is getting through customs. Private aviation eliminates the stress by bringing the customs officers to you. They’ll either meet you on the plane or in a special office set up just for private flights, but either way an agent dedicated to your trip will ensure less stress and a smoother transition into the country.

6. Personalized Service

Sick of being herded onto the plane like cattle and trying to discern the disembodied voice of “your captain speaking” from on high? On a private flight you’ll be greeted personally by our captain and crew, who can field any questions you might have about the plane or the flight.

7. Ease of Access

Most airports allow direct tarmac access, meaning your car can pull up just steps from your plane, sparing you from having to navigate the airport terminal (and pay a 20% mark up on a magazine and a crappy cup of coffee at Relay.)

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