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Whether you’ve been working at something for five minutes or five decades, it’s always nice to hear an encouraging word (or two). And thanks to our amazing travellers, we frequently find ourselves feeling very encouraged indeed. Check out what some of them have to say about our trips to the region we consider our second home: Burgundy.

“We loved every moment from the little interactions at our ‘rest stops’ to our formal wine dinners. We loved our guides and all of the other guests so much that the goodbye dinner was very sad except that we all planned a reunion trip for next year! All of our moments were memorable. Too many to describe. I would say it was a trip of a lifetime but we hope only the first of many trips of a lifetime with Butterfield and Robinson!!!”

– Deborah Previdi, Burgundy Biking, 2013

Burgundy Biking


“I would wholeheartedly recommend the trip, especially to anyone with an interest in the region. It was overall a beautiful trip, and… made all the more memorable and enjoyable with our two incredible guides.”

– Joni Binder, Burgundy Biking, 2013

“The Burgundy trip surpassed our expectations, and was the best B&R trip we have taken so far. ”

– Kenneth Castiqlia, Burgundy Biking, 2013

“Our trip was the experience of a lifetime, the direction/materials/equipment were all beyond perfect, the B&R people we dealt with were always going above and beyond, and the places we stayed were highlights at the end of beautiful days.”

– Genevieve Brown, Burgundy
Self-Guided, 2013

“Thank you for an amazing vacation. Biking in Burgundy was by far the best way to see the countryside and small towns. I miss it already!”

– Noelle Spotton, Burgundy Biking, 2011

Fabulous trip! We enjoyed the self-guided trip as it gave us flexibility with our schedules and we still experienced the fantastic route and accommodations during our trip.”

– Craig Gustafson, Burgundy
Self-Guided, 2012

“I cannot imagine a more wonderful introduction to B&R than my recent Burgundy trip. There is not a single thing I would have changed. Hotels, food, wine, bikes – all top notch. The scenery was spectacular. Our guides Darius and Jack were exceptional – knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and fun! I was planning my next B&R trip before my plane landed back in Toronto!”

– Nicola LeJan, Burgundy Biking 2011

“This was the best self-guided walking trip we have ever been on. Thank you so much for making this type of trip available!”

– Nanette Kuich, Burgundy Self-Guided Walking 2010

Burgundy Biking “Our trip has left us with memories to last a lifetime. Our itinerary was exactly what we had hoped for, allowing us to explore and enjoy this region at our own pace, knowing full well that B&R was taking care of everything. Our most memorable B&R moment: getting lost (temporarily) amongst the vineyards outside Beaune!”

– Allen and Karen O’Hanley,
Burgundy Self-Guided, 2011

“There were so many memorable moments on this wonderful trip. We enjoyed them all and look forward to further journeys with B&R.”

– David & Deborah Winston, Burgundy Walking, 2010


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