Rave Reviews:
Wine Grand Journey

Whether you’ve been working at something for five minutes or five decades, it’s always nice to hear an encouraging word (or two). And thanks to our amazing travellers, we frequently find ourselves feeling very encouraged indeed. Find out why those who have taken our Wine Grand Journey say it lives up to its name.

“Everything was memorable, especially the warm hospitality and hard-to-come-by Champagne of Domaine Jacques Selosse.”

– Tom and Kathy Bogart, 2013

“The wine tastings were exclusive and of extraordinary quality.”

– Richard Balfour, 2013

“Superb trip! Jam packed with extraordinary wine tastings with fascinating local experts.”

– Martha Marguand, 2013

“Travelling with George Butterfield was a wonderful extra for our group. How about cloning him for all your trips?”

– Kenneth Lewis, 2013

“The most memorable trip I have taken in many years—perhaps ever! The experience was like living a dream.

– Stan Lindenfeld, 2010


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