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At The Slow Road we pride ourselves on getting in deep; as the blog of Butterfield & Robinson, we have access to the world’s best trip planners, designers and guides. And of course, it wouldn’t be B&R if we didn’t have an extensive network of friends around the globe who open up their countries, regions and often their own homes for us in a way that only locals can. So when we dub them “Experts + Insiders,” we mean it.

B&R Experts

B&R's Trip Designer are world-renowned experts.
No one knows more about getting in deep and up close than B&R’s expert trip designers.

B&R never wanted to be the biggest travel company, just the best. But no man is an island, nor any good travel company a solo operation. So while “the best” may seem a lofty designation, a glance at our roster of trip designers, guides and local partners suggests that what it lacks in modesty, it makes up for in accuracy.

From award-winning trip designers like Tyler Dillon, named a Top Travel Specialist by Condé Nast Traveler, to our director of private travel Brad Crockett, whose finger remains firmly on the pulse of the world, no one knows more about getting in deep and up close.

Our Incredible Guides

B&R Guide James Boyd
B&R Guide James Boyd

Consummate hosts. Mind readers. Raconteurs. Think teachers, painters, travel writers, architects, botanists and biologists. You should see their CVs. Our guides have lived all over the world, they speak a gazillion languages and, perhaps most importantly, they’re ridiculously fun to be around.


Our Friends

Chef Brisa Deneumostier welcomes you to Peru.
Chef Brisa Deneumostier welcomes B&R travellers to Peru.

We view the open road as an invitation, be it into a vintner’s cellar, a chef’s kitchen, a hotelier’s suite or—more often than not—a local friend’s life. From world-renowned chefs like Brisa Deneumostier, to legendary winemakers like Anselme Selosse, we pride ourselves on seeking out the best people in the world to reveal a region’s hidden depths.


Experts + Insiders


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