Leading the Pack:
Guide Kudos 2011

When the rubber hits the road (or the shoe treads the trail), the world is a far more fascinating place in the comforting company of a B&R guide. Whether leading from the front, supporting from the back or smoothing the road of activity, accommodation or whatever diversion strikes your fancy, it’s encouraging to know that these seasoned travellers (who, by the way, have much more than just travel under their belts) will enhance the trips in ways you could not imagine. But rather than leave it to the imagination, we’ve assembled a selection of travellers’ accounts and testimonials to sum up why B&R guides are celebrated for making those memorable trips all the more magical.

1. Dynamic Duo
“The trip of a lifetime! Our guides Olivier and Erik were amazing in every way, and I would travel again with either or both of them in a heartbeat. Every moment was memorable, the only way the trip could have been better is if it had lasted longer.”
Sue Berghoef, Burgundy Biking

2. Measuring Up
“Overall, we had a great experience. Alice and Denis were wonderful guides, attending to our every (sometimes unknown) needs and desires to ensure that we were more than content at every possible moment of the trip. We had high expectations for the trip and they were exceeded. Alice and Denis should be held onto.”
Pauline Schwenk & Brian Samuelsen, Loire Châteaux Biking

3. Sicily Shines
“Maria and Christina are two incredible guides and people; huge assets to B&R. Arrangements were seamless and expertly executed. Even though rain dogged the trip, Maria and Christina managed to get us through all activities without feeling too deprived of the full experience.”
Marie Verschuuren, Sicily Biking

4. I Do, We Did, Let’s Do It Again
“Our guides, Tabita and Patrick were absolutely amazing. My husband and I were on our honeymoon and not only did we meet an exceptional group of biking travellers, our guides were very helpful and compassionate to all of our needs. I hope we travel with them again. The B & R group is amazing but having the best group of people with us made it that much more special. We cannot wait to do another trip with you guys! Hopefully Tabita and Patrick will be there with us again! I loved Tabita’s trail mix! I would say the most memorable part was the people on the trip and the guides! It was overall fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for a better trip and/or honeymoon!”
Jessica Turanec, Tuscany Biking

5. Birkenstaffed
“The guides were outstanding! They were not only nice to the kids, but were role models for them. I had to buy a pair of Birkenstock sandals in Venice because my son saw Paolo elegantly sporting them! Kier took the teenagers out for pizza one night because they were feeling ‘peckish’, so the kids had the pleasure of being out at night in Italy without their parents. Sonia was wonderful, and she graciously sang for us at the Venice banquet. I was at the back of the pack when riding, and on a couple of days a guide rode with me and my husband, which I found helpful. These three guides you should treat well, and keep forever.”
Susan Baserga, Verona to Venice Family Biking

6. Making the Earth Move
“We have nothing but the highest compliments for the B&R team that looked after us in New Zealand—Rob and Erin as our main guides, Garry as our ‘mothership’ driver and conveyor of endless interesting facts of New Zealand, and Tim, who stepped in for the first 3 days and assisted with critical logistical issues after the earthquake. Together, they are an outstanding team, and individually they are all wonderful people. Their focus and determination to make our trip memorable, despite the personal challenges they each had due to the earthquake, is a testament to their collective professionalism. They all put aside their own issues for 9 days, and devoted themselves to putting together an amazing trip for our group. Of all the memorable moments during the trip (seeing the stars at the Mount John Observatory, floating alongside icebergs on the Tasman Glacier Moraine Lake, and an aerial tour of the Southern Alps, among others), what we will remember most is the B&R team who looked after us.”
Dave & Cathy Bristo, New Zealand Biking

7. The Guiding Right
“The trip was wonderful, and Lisa and Yvonne (our guides) were absolutely perfect. ALWAYS kind, friendly, warm, generous, patient, knowledgeable and helpful, but also very attuned to and respectful of each traveller’s personal desire for privacy and independence. Like I said, perfect. Couldn’t have wished for better.”
Elena Zahorik, Tuscany Walking

8. Myanmar Unveiled
“The expedition to Myanmar is fabulous—mainly because of Tyler Dillon. He is personally responsible for developing the trip itinerary, and for guiding us through this complex country. Myanmar is truly a 3rd world country, with challenging tourist issues. But Tyler and his co-guide Christina, made it seem like a breeze. They both made the trip extremely memorable—one of the best B&R trips that we have ever been on.”
Gregory Hanker, Myanmar Biking

9. Machu Love You
“The guides were EXCEPTIONAL! They bent over backward to take care of us. I loved loved loved all three of them. Their passion for the place, hikes and the history were what made them special and made their involvement so significant.”
Kathy Kenned, Peru Walking

10. Full Servings of Fun
“B&R thought of every detail in the planning an execution of our trip. The guides were delightful and supportive and worked with individuals of the group to provide extra rides, wonderful shopping suggestions, and enough grappa to fuel our systems.”
Jeff CristeTuscany Biking

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