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Incredible hiking, scenic coastal walks, excellent eats, and blissful relaxation in gorgeous boutique hotels: Australia and New Zealand each have an embarrassment of riches—and we haven't even mentioned the wineries yet!

Fortunately, no one knows them quite like our experts (both of them were born and raised in their respective regions!). We can help you savour our favourite parts with all the inimitable style and comfort you’ve come to expect from B&R (aka barefoot luxury at its finest!).

Scroll down to see our favourite adventures or click the button below to start planning your own. Can't decide which country to visit first? Watch the video to your right for some advice from Trip Designers, Rob and Annalise.

They're freakishly qualified, they're lifelong learners, local aficionados and expert fun-havers.
Just don't get them started on who has the better rugby team...

Annalise Andrews


If there's one standout quality of this Aussie-born's trips, it's childlike wonder. Her big secret? Test-driving everything on actual children (her 12-year-old daughter, Charlotte and 15-year-old son, Dylan). Expect isolated white sand beaches, lemon tarts with fresh Tasmanian cream, and communion with wombats.

Rob Grieve

New Zealand

Definitely the B&R Trip Designer with the cutest accent, this native Kiwi loves nothing more than showing off his stomping grounds: he's been our (wildly popular) New Zealand expert for 14+ years. But beware: Rob's sincere, open, heart-on-sleeve journeys have left many misty-eyed.

Go Bespoke.
Return Bespeechless.

Our Bespoke journeys in Australia & New Zealand blossom beautifully out of your childhood dreams, adult wanderlust, and crazy morning shower ideas. Whatever your vision is—hanging with the koalas, snorkelling with your kids in the world's largest coral reef, exploring Melbourne's vibrant food and art scene—our experts can bring it to life, with all the B&R panache you can imagine.

B&R’s Australia & New Zealand Experiences

Hiking and biking, winery visits, aerial safaris, zip-lining and more! View all our experiences in Australia & New Zealand below.

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