Think of our experts as travel’s answer to haute couture fashion designers. They’re polyglots with decades of experience, who combine their deep local knowledge with an immense passion for immersion—and they’d love to custom design something astounding for you. No matter where in the world you’re dreaming of, we have B&R personnel on the ground ready to make it happen. Let our Trip Designers build you the experience of a lifetime.

Meet The World's Best Travel Experts

Travel Advisors

Our Travel Advisors are here to help choose the B&R trip that’s right for you! Their regional expertise, insider recommendations, and planning prowess mean you’ll spend less time Googling and get straight to packing.

Laura Benn | Sales Manager

After completing a bachelor of arts with a major in law, Laura decided (like many B&R employees) to take the slow road with us rather than choosing billable hours. Travel is in her blood: her aunt owns a travel agency, and, as a sixteenth birthday present, gifted her a trip to Italy. Since then, Laura has made her way to Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and is practically a New York City resident, although Toronto remains home sweet home.


Mark Harris | Travel Advisor

Mark was led to B&R after realizing he could turn organizing trips for friends into a career. His love of adventure began with family vacations and evolved into backpacking in Europe, while his love of music has taken him across Canada; an accomplished composer, his music has been performed across the country. His current quest is to find the best ice cream recipe if not in his own kitchen, then somewhere else in the world.


Gabriella Brundu | Travel Advisor

As one of our Italian experts, Gabriella insists that the best way to get to know a region is to run through it, so it’s no surprise that she’s run marathons all over Europe. Before joining B&R, Gabriella planted two feet in Asia, Africa and spent seven years in Norway, where she ran the world’s northernmost race, the Midnight Sun Marathon. Stemming from her Sardinian roots, her intense passion for active travel is fueled by a curiosity to experience new cultures, and help others find their footing abroad.


Tim Bean | Travel Advisor

We knew Tim was right for B&R when we heard about his Francophile tendencies and love of travel. It all started at the age of 16, when he spent a three-month high school exchange in France, followed by a work-study semester in Singapore during university. When he isn’t helping you choose your next B&R adventure, you’ll find Tim checking out comedy clubs and new craft beers, cottaging in Georgian Bay, or working on his handicap during golf season.


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