Giro-E: Racing the Giro d’Italia Route on E-bikes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to race alongside the world’s top cycling superstars in an Italian Grand Tour? Now, a ticket to the Giro-E is all you’ll need to ride the “world’s toughest race in the most beautiful place”…. on e-bikes.

In Italy, cycling is a type of religion.

It’s a land where you’ll find bikes outnumbering the number of cars parked along its city roads. Where you’ll see locals of all ages riding on two wheels from dusk ‘til dawn. And where you’ll feel the excitement surrounding its annual bike racing event—the Giro d’Italiamonths in advance.

Following closely behind Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia is one of the cycling world’s prestigious three-week-long Grand Tours. Since 1909, Giro fans have been gathering around their television sets to witness the nation’s top cyclists embark on a gruelling race around the country. Whether riders are zipping through the twisting vineyards of Prosecco Hills or trekking up the scarped edges of the Dolomites, Giro d’Italia’s scenic route shines a spotlight on Italy’s incredible diversity and beauty—it’s easy to understand why bicycles have been synonymous with Italian culture for over a century. 

Giro-E: A Professional Cycling Dream

For avid cyclists, the thought of participating in a Grand Tour like the Giro d’Italia—racing alongside elite athletes as echoes of the roaring crowd fill the air—has historically been reserved for that of a daydream. But as a company that’s in the business of turning dreams into reality, we had to find a way for our travellers to experience the thrill of it all for themselves. 

Giro E Winners in Italy

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