New Zealand

“The Adventurer”

Beaches, fjords, vineyards, glaciers, rain forests, plains, meadows, mountains…Beauty is served raw down here. You see it carved in the face of mighty Mt. Cook, shimmering in the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo and spread across the sheep-sprinkled farmlands that line the South Island.

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Meet our New Zealand Experts

Rob Grieve

Trip Designer

When we can drag him down from the mountain or get him off his bike, Trip Designer Rob Grieve can be found planning and guiding trips that immerse travellers in his native New Zealand, which explains the (ridiculously charming) accent.

More about Rob

Kristi Elborne

Director of Asia-Pacific

Kristi cut her teeth with B&R guiding in the treacherous Provençal countryside. When life on the road became too dangerous—those boules fly fast!—she quickly found a home on our Trip Planning team. She’s travelled extensively though both Asia and Europe, and can speak four languages. Fortunately for us, she remains humble in each of them.

B&R travel is seamless. The pre-trip informational packet was amazing, the guides were awesome, the food was delicious and the wine was flowing. We loved our experience and would definitely return.

— Julianne Major

Ride the (ridiculously) open road.

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In the News

To best explore this wonderland, grab a bike or take a hike. On Butterfield & Robinson’s 12-day Bespoke New Zealand Grand Journey, you’ll do a little of both. Beginning on the North Island, you’ll glide on two wheels along the coastline, through gentle hills and past rural cottages. Stops include a working sheep farm and a steaming geothermal zone where you’ll learn about Maori culture.

— Destination Weddings & Honeymoons READ THE STORY
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