In Pictures: A Perfect Icelandic Itinerary
Dave Bowden | Aug 24, 2015
Accolades | Testimonials

"The bottom line – we absolutely had a truly exceptional trip in Iceland!" Kind words like that are what make our jobs so a more...
Top New Tours for Family Travel
In the News | May 12, 2015
Janeen Christoff | Media Mentions

"There are so many new and creative options that are available to families these days that take traditional trips and turn th more...

#myBNR: Iceland
Dave Bowden | Jun 19, 2014
See + Do | Must See

In Iceland, the sense that you are in the company of the elves, trolls and the sword-wielding heroes of Viking legend is impo more...

Insider’s Guide: 7 Things
To Do in Reykjavik
Orsolya Kako | Feb 21, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

In the third of our her three-part Insider's Guide, trip designer Orsolya Kako provides a B&R-inspired list of things to do i more...

New Winter Adventure Travel
In the News | Feb 20, 2014
Sasha Levine | Media Mentions

"Clear, cold winter nights are the best times to view the Northern Lights in Iceland’s countryside," writes Departures maga more...

Insider’s Guide: My 5 Fave Reykjavik Restaurants
Orsolya Kako | Jan 28, 2014
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Trip Designer Orsolya Kako continues our three-part Insider's Guide to Reykjavik with a few of the city's coolest restaurants more...

Insider’s Guide: Top 3 Reykjavik Hotels
Orsolya Kako | Jan 27, 2014
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In the first of our three-part Insider's Guide to Reykjavik, Trip Designer Orsolya Kako reveals a few of her favourite Reykja more...

Where to Stay:
Iceland Hotels
Norman Howe | Oct 24, 2013
See + Do | Hotels

After my most recent trip, I was delighted to discover a series of Iceland hotels that capture the country's primordial prese more...

Icelanders: A Historic, Nordic Cool
Norman Howe | Oct 23, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

Iceland has long occupied a unique position in in the cartography of my travel imagination—not only is it a stepping stone more...

48 Hours in Iceland
Norman Howe | Oct 23, 2013
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Iceland is a primordial landscape that approximates what the world must have felt like when it was first being born. more...

Travel + Leisure
World’s Greatest Dream Trips: Iceland With B&R
In the News | Sep 16, 2013
Lindsey Olander | Media Mentions

“Nowhere seems more desolate and ethereal than the volcanic landscape of western Iceland. I’d take a guided tour with But more...

Hakarl and Brennivin:
An Acquired Taste
Orsolya Kako | Aug 20, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

To Anthony Bourdain it's "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing." But in Iceland, it's a quintessentia more...

Know Before You Go: Iceland Travel Tips
Orsolya Kako | Jun 27, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Our ongoing series of frequently asked questions continues, as we fill you in on what you need to know before travelling to t more...

Huffington Post
Get Inspired and Energized
In the News | May 1, 2011
Teresa Rodriguez Williamson | Media Mentions

For those who want thrills beyond the edge of the earth, Iceland is calling you. Here, the soaring mountains, rumbling volcan more...

Iceland Heats Up
B&R Staff | Apr 18, 2011
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Take the familiar adage that “geography is character”. Now magnify it multiple times. Squeeze it into a modestly sized is more...



A land where the lava fields, glacial
valleys and ancient lore never fail to captivate. The sense of legend
is impossible to shake.

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